Check Out Manchester’s Fire In The Fall Chili Festival

Are you ready to experience some serious heat this fall? On Sunday, October 8, you and your family can come check out the Fire In The Fall Chili And Music Festival! The festival, set to run through the afternoon, promises to deliver a variety of fun activities for families to take part in. Hosted by Intown Manchester, attendees to the Fire In The Fall Chili And Music Festival can look forward to live music, plenty of chili, and a variety of beers for the adults to enjoy. This family-friendly event offers families a great way to spend some time together, and welcomes chili lovers from all around. (more…)

Exercising Smart Dental Habits Throughout The Day

Are you keeping up with the necessary care your teeth need to stay healthy? When you take the time to brush carefully, and floss, you do a world of good for your smile, and your oral health. You can remove plaque and food debris, thereby lowering your cavity risk, and defending yourself against the development of gum disease. However, these tasks alone are not all you can do to protect yourself. One thing you should do is set up regular preventive dental care through checkups. On a day-to-day basis, be sure to look out for bad habits you need to eliminate, and limit your sugar intake. (more…)

Explore Nature At The Quarrybook Fall Foliage Event

You can experience the natural beauty of Fall during Quarrybrook’s upcoming Fall Foliage Community Event. The Quarrybrook Education Team will take interested parties on an invigorating morning hike through the woods. During your walk, you can see how the coming of Autumn is changing our landscape, while learning about the science behind these changes. There will be several hikes arranged during the day – a sensory hike for those with children five and younger, an all-ages science hike, and an adult hike (for individuals age sixteen and older). (more…)

Addressing Different Forms Of Dental Discoloration

If you have discolored teeth, your best bet is to undergo a professional whitening treatment, right? For many people, this will lead to exactly the results they hope for. Whitening agents can remove stains in your enamel, and you can conclude treatment with big, noticeable changes. However, there are some individuals who will not have a whitening treatment recommended for their cosmetic dental concerns. If you have problems due to intrinsic discoloration, you can be better served by a different procedure. Your dentist can help you determine the right course of action during a cosmetic consultation. (more…)

3 Important Services Provided During A Routine Dental Exam

Are you receiving the care you need to sustain a healthy smile? There are many ways you can take care of your smile on your own. Brushing and flossing will take care of plaque, and help you prevent cavities. These actions, when combined with a diet that keeps your sugar intake under control, are important for the long-term health of your teeth. That being said, there are beneficial forms of care you are not able to provide on your own. Regular dental exams will offer preventive treatment that can exceed what you can do for yourself. Without these appointments, you miss out on important oral care. (more…)

What Your Dentist Can Do To Address Sleep Apnea

Your dentist is there for you when you have a cavity, or if you want whiter teeth, but why would you ask them for help with sleep apnea? Many patients believe this potentially serious sleep issue will call for care from a specialist, and will require the use of a CPAP machine. However, patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea can actually benefit from a specially designed oral insert from your dentist. When you use this appliance, it will keep your airways from being blocked by soft tissue in your throat. Eliminating the issue of blockage will allow you to enjoy uninterrupted sleep. (more…)

Questions About Root Canals? We Have Answers!

The mere mention of a root canal treatment can cause some patients to immediately tense up. This procedure is often thought of as uncomfortable and particularly unpleasant. However, it should be noted that root canals allow your dentist to protect patients against serious forms of tooth decay and damage. The procedure is used to restore a problem tooth that is suffering internal issues. This is often related to cavity issues, but dental damage can be responsible for this issue, too. By employing modern dental procedures, your dentist can ensure that your root canal features minimal discomfort, and leads to the successful recovery of your tooth against potentially major threats. (more…)

Stay Smart About Your Oral Health Care When You Travel

You may be away from home, but your need for quality oral care is with you no matter where you go. Travel can be disruptive to our routines. This can be something to look forward to – after all, part of the fun of going on vacation is escaping our usual responsibilities. However, you may find it more difficult to take proper care of your smile while you are on the move. For instance, your consumption of sugary foods and drinks may spike as you spend time on a long drive, or in a hotel where you have no way to cook for yourself. You could also find that your out of town activities are demanding you adjust your usual morning and evening routines. If you maintain good oral health habits, even while you travel, you can improve your chances of receiving a clean bill of health during your next dental exam. (more…)

Why You Should See Bruxism As A Serious Oral Health Threat

If you think of bruxism – an unconscious habit of grinding your teeth – as merely an annoyance, you should know that it can pose a serious threat to your oral health. You should recognize that because our jaws are able to bite with an impressive degree of force, teeth grinding puts considerable strain on teeth. As the problem persists, you may start to notice wear and tear accumulating. You could also find yourself with a serious chip or crack in a tooth that demands restorative dental care. Bruxism can lead to TMJ troubles, but you should know that the reverse can be true, and that unaddressed discomfort can lead to bruxism. (more…)

How To Gain FREE Admission To The Aviation Museum Of NH 9/23

Have you taken the time to check out the Aviation Museum Of New Hampshire, located in Londonderry? If you have been putting off your first trip, or if you are just looking for an excuse to go back, the Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day LIVE! is your opportunity to check out the museum for free! The Aviation Museum Of New Hampshire is taking part in this national event on September 23, where visitors who download a special pass from Smithsonian Magazine are welcomed in at no cost. This means you can explore the different exhibits and see all that the museum has to offer, without paying an entrance fee. To download your ticket, click here. (more…)