Enjoying A Life-Like Filling After A Cavity

You might be relieved to put a stop to tooth decay, but would you be happy about the placement of a conspicuous metal filling on your tooth? Patients who need restorative dental care can worry that their treatment will leave their smile permanently altered. However, thanks to biocompatible composite resin, your dentist can supply you with a tooth filling that will not impact your tooth’s appearance. The material blends in with your enamel to the point that it can escape detection, and you can enjoy discreet support. (more…)

Are You Ready For Old Home Day 2017?

The Old Home Day events for 2017 will be here sooner than you might expect – are you ready? Old Home Day celebrations are set to take place starting Wednesday, August 16, and will run through Sunday, August 20. In that time, you and your family can take part in a number of festivities. The Old Home Day committee has been working since September of last year to make sure this year’s event is a big smash. Live music, movie screenings, a 5K run and more await Londonderry residents. The Old Home Day celebration in Londonderry is one of the oldest consecutive celebrations of its type in the region. (more…)

Why Tartar Is Trouble For Your Teeth

You can remove plaque through brushing and flossing, but if the substance is not caught in time, it will harden and form tartar, which is not so easily dislodged. The big trouble with tartar is that you will not be able to remove it as easily as you can remove plaque. In fact, if you want to make sure tartar is taken care of, you will need to undergo a professional teeth cleaning. A cleaning is performed during each of your routine dental exams. When tartar is not removed, you carry an increased risk for tooth decay, and will be more likely to need restorative dental work. (more…)

Finding The Right Way To Respond To Cosmetic Dental Flaws

A meeting with your dentist can lead to insights into what cosmetic dental treatment might be right for your needs. You may not know what procedure is best to address your smile flaws, but if you are interested in cosmetic work, you are likely ready and able to point out what you would like to change. Different procedures can be preferred for different issues. If you have teeth that are discolored, you may want nothing more than to have a whitening treatment performed. However, you may want to do something about misaligned teeth – Invisalign can offer a dental correction, and a big smile improvement. (more…)

What Can It Take To Address An Advanced Cavity?

A cavity with enough time to grow can do serious harm to your oral health. The reason your dentist encourages you to seek restorative dental care as soon as possible when you think something is wrong is because cavities continually spread once they have formed. Over time, decay can begin attacking the interior of your tooth, and can ultimately move beyond it. Advanced cavities can require different levels of care. If you have bacteria that enter your pulp, your dentist will need to take care of it by performing a root canal treatment. (more…)

Take Advantage Of Curier Art Museum’s Second Saturday Deal

The Curier Art Museum, located in nearby Manchester, offers a special deal for New Hampshire residents every second Saturday of each month. When you attend the museum before noon on Free New Hampshire Second Saturday, you can gain entry for free! This means you can check out the variety of works on display, and take a look at our creative studio, for no cost. The next Free New Hampshire Second Saturday will be Saturday, July 8. August’s free entry date will be August 12. This arrangement was made possible thanks to The Botnick Family Foundation, and E&R Laundry And Dry Cleaners. You and your family can take in the art and culture on display, and avoid the standard costs for entry. (more…)

A Better Look At Your Smile With Digital Imaging

3D imaging is used by your dentist to closely examine your mouth. The views provided by these scans are often used to plan more involved treatments, like the placement of dental implants. One benefit for patients is that 3D imaging eliminates the requirement that you bite into an unpleasant plaster mold to create an impression of your teeth. This technology, along with the digital x-ray technology also available to your dentist, helps them make a careful study of your smile. Problems can be identified, and treatments can be planned, in order to make sure any issues that turn up do not create trouble for you. (more…)

Depending On Dental Implants For Prosthetic Support

Having a dental prosthetic you can depend on to help you with tasks like biting and chewing means having a prosthetic that is securely held. By receiving dental implants to hold your prosthetic, you can ensure you have the security you need to enjoy real functional advantages with your restoration. Implants are made from biocompatible titanium – as your jaw heals from the procedure, the bone will fuse with the implant. This provides a strong hold. The stimulation in your implant created when you bite, chew, and speak secures proper blood flow to your jaw. This prevents deterioration of the bone, which can is a common issue for people with tooth loss. (more…)

How Single-Tooth Anesthesia Can Improve Dental Treatment

There can be several reasons a patient feels apprehensive about their impending dental work. One issue is with the aftereffects of treatment. If you undergo restorative dental work that involves anesthesia, you may be bothered by the way the numbing of your mouth can complicate your day. Thanks to single-tooth anesthesia, those issues can be avoided. Single-tooth anesthesia allows your dentist to concentrate the anesthetizing effect on the tooth undergoing treatment. This means you still enjoy a more comfortable treatment experience, with fewer side effects. This method is effective enough to still limit the discomfort that might accompany a procedure. (more…)

Using Invisalign To Move Your Teeth Into Better Alignment

Are you interested in using Invisalign to correct your crooked teeth? The promise of Invisalign is a tempting one for many people – instead of bracket and wire braces, you will use clear plastic aligners to move teeth. Your appearance will not be altered by this process, and you have the benefit of being able to remove your aligner when you need to clean your teeth, and when you eat. Straightening your teeth with Invisalign involves a series of aligners. Each time you transition to a new one, your teeth will be gradually moved closer to their final position. Regular check-ins with your dentist allow them to ensure your treatmtent is moving along as expected. (more…)