Why Patients Benefit From Single-Tooth Anesthesia

How does single-tooth anesthesia alter the traditional dental treatment experience? One issue that leaves many patients wary when they come in for restorative dental work is the prospect of having their mouth numbed. While this can certainly reduce discomfort during your procedure, you may be unhappy with the effect after you leave the office. That lack of feeling can be awkward and potentially embarrassing. What single-tooth anesthesia offers is support against discomfort during a dental treatment without that unpleasant lingering insensitivity. You can come in for the treatment you need, enjoy protection against discomfort, and leave the office feeling normal, and ready to tackle the rest of your day. (more…)

Why Include Dental Implants In Your Prosthetic Experience?

Should you be satisfied with a dental prosthetic that comes without the support of dental implants? You can certainly enjoy a positive experience receiving a dental bridge, partial dentures, and full dentures that are not supported with implants. That being said, implants can provide an added degree of stability to a prosthetic restoration, and can provide you with added oral health benefits. You can find that your prosthetic unit enjoys greater stability, which improves its overall function. You can also protect yourself against jawbone resorption – restorations without implant support will not prevent this issue. It should be noted that some patients will not qualify for implants, as it does require undergoing oral surgery to receive them. (more…)

Check Out The Derry Homegrown Farm And Artisan Market

Have you made it out to the Derry Homegrown Farm And Artisan Market yet? This weekly event provides you and your family a place to go for a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, artisan crafts, and entertainment. The market, which will run every Wednesday until September 20. Throughout these weekly openings, there will be live music, activities for kids, and exhibitions for different local artists. Of course, you will also have access to locally sourced foods, and unique items to procure. As the Summer season pushes closer to Fall, we grow closer to the end of this season of the Derry Homegrown Farm And Artisan Market. Make sure you check it out soon, before you find yourself stuck waiting for next year! (more…)

Addressing Mouth Wrinkles With Botox And Dermal Fillers

By undergoing treatment with Botox, you can prevent the formation of embarrassing and unsightly wrinkles around your mouth that affect your smile. This can make a big difference in your appearance. Your teeth are certainly a major component of your smile, but the condition of your skin around your mouth will also play a part in how you look. For existing wrinkles, help can come with dermal fillers. Some patients may choose to combine treatment with Botox or dermal fillers and a cosmetic dental treatment to improve the appearance of their teeth. (more…)

Quiz: Seeking Treatment For An Advanced Cavity

Advanced cavities can pose a significant threat to your tooth, and create trouble for your oral health. What distinguishes an advanced cavity from a minor one? Simply put, leaving a cavity without the appropriate restorative dental treatment allows it to grow and worsen, which puts you in more danger of suffering complications. Tooth decay will eventually allow bacteria to move into your pulp, the housing chamber of your tooth’s living tissues. This imperils your tooth, and it can create real discomfort and sensitivity. Treatment for this problem comes through a root canal treatment, where your dentist will remove infected tissue in your pulp, seal your tooth, and protect it with a dental crown. (more…)

How A Custom Mouthguard Protects Your Child’s Teeth

Sports can be an important part of childhood. Your child can learn from their experiences on the field, and it can be helpful to their social and personal development. Of course, even in youth sports, there are risks. If you want to keep your child’s smile protected, you can have them receive a custom-made mouthguard. Using a custom guard, rather than one that is store bought, can offer better protection, and a more comfortable fit. Custom guards can also do a better job protecting any recent dental work your child has undergone. Of course, kids are not the only people who spend their time playing sports – adult custom-made mouth guards can also be provided. (more…)

What Kind Of Threat Is Sugar REALLY Posing Your Smile?

If you are unsure of how sugar poses a threat to your smile, you can be less inclined to take its threat to your seriously. Sugar by itself is not what causes cavities. Oral bacteria on your teeth feed on the sugars that stick to your teeth, and that interaction leads to the production of acids harmful to your enamel. The acids produced will damage your enamel, eventually doing enough harm to cause a cavity, which will require restorative dental care. With regular brushing and flossing habits, and a diet that controls the amount of sugar you intake, you can keep your risk for cavities reduced. (more…)

3 Benefits Kids Gain Through Regular Dental Checkups

Caring for young smiles can present unique challenges. This is not because their teeth are in a weakened state, but because kids face the disadvantage of being less informed, and less familiar with proper dental care. They also face the risk of structural abnormalities. Improper development of the jaw can be easier to address in children than adults, so early detection of these issues is important. Your child should start having regular dental checkups by age three. Starting these dental appointments at a young age can help them appreciate the value of good dental treatment, and also help keep them free of cavities over the years. (more…)

Can I Really Take A Professional Whitening Kit Home?

If you want a professional quality cosmetic dental treatment, it has to happen in your dentist’s office, right? There are many procedures available through your dentist that can make notable improvements to your smile, including a ZOOM! whitening treatment. That being said, your dentist can prepare you a whitening kit that you can take home with you, which can still make remarkable changes to the color of your teeth. While some patients will use this method to undergo a whitening treatment, some will take home a whitening kit as a means of performing “touch ups” so that their smile improvements last. (more…)

3 Reasons Tooth Loss Can Make Your Life More Difficult

You might be surprised to discover that the biggest cause of tooth loss is actually gum disease. While people can – and, in some cases, will – lose teeth after injuries, or because of advanced tooth decay, complications from an advanced periodontal infection cause the most tooth loss. That being said, having missing teeth for any reason is certainly cause for concern. Patients who lose teeth can find themselves struggling with daily problems, and can find their oral health worsening over time. If you need to seek prosthetic dental support, consider having your restoration secured with a dental implant. Implants can offer unrivaled stability, while also putting a stop to the threat of jawbone deterioration. (more…)