Nitrous Oxide

As one of the few practices in the Londonderry, NH area to provide nitrous oxide during appointments, we are prepared to help those who suffer from dental anxiety feel at ease with accessing oral health services. This can also provide assistance to those who normally feel comfortable with care but want additional support during a longer or more involved upcoming procedure.

Is Dental Anxiety Making It Hard For You To Schedule Smile Care?

Dental anxiety creates a barrier between a patient and their smile care. If feelings of unease cause you to delay regular checkups or necessary restorative dental work, you become vulnerable to complications that can prove serious to your oral health. We can provide nitrous oxide to help you feel a state of calm while we care for your smile. Administered continually through treatment, this gas relaxes you while allowing you to remain conscious and responsive. It is safe for nearly all patients, so seniors, young children, and expectant mothers can rely on it to help during their appointments.

Talk To Your Londonderry, NH Dentist About Nitrous Oxide

Through the use of nitrous oxide during your treatment, we can help you remain calm and comfortable throughout your appointment even if you struggle with dental anxiety. We are one of the few offices in the area that make this comfort available. If you would like to learn how it can benefit you, call My Dentist in Londonderry, NH today at 603-965-3407.