Is Cosmetic Work The Right Way To Address A Chipped Tooth?

A chipped tooth can have an uneven, asymmetrical aspect that undermines your smile, and draws unwanted attention. If you chip a tooth, you can be eager to fix the problem, but unsure of the best solution. Will you need to talk to your dentist about cosmetic work, or will you need to undergo a more involved procedure? There is no single approach when it comes to dealing with dental injuries. To find the most appropriate solution, your dentist will examine the damaged tooth, and offer an expert recommendation. While cosmetic work can be effective, a more substantial degree of harm may call for a dental crown(more…)

Planning Your Smile Restoration With Dentures

Serious tooth loss is something that can seriously harm your quality of life. Fortunately, dentures make it possible to fully replace your upper or lower row of teeth. This can give you a renewed confidence, as a set of dentures can closely match the appearance of your original teeth. Your dentist will provide you with a set of dentures, which are designed to fit in your jaw comfortably. If you want to enjoy greater stability with your dentures, and have an easier time with biting and chewing tasks, it is possible to have your dentures held with dental implants. You can talk to your dentist to make sure you are a candidate, and learn how selectively placed implants can do wonders for your prosthetic experience. (more…)

Check Out Manchester’s “Predators Of The Sky” Show March 10

On Saturday, March 10, you and your family can watch an impressive, and informative, show that’s really for the birds. The Predators Of The Sky: Live Raptor Show gives people a chance to see how birds of prey operate, and to learn more about the diverse array of raptors currently operating in our skies. This event is also a great chance to learn about the Massachusetts Bird Of Prey Rehabilitation Facility, which is dedicated to rehabilitating injured birds, and operating a captive breeding program. In addition to receiving fascinating information from your host, you can enjoy a live show, with a turkey vulture and golden eagle on hand for the event. (more…)

Enjoy Fully Supportive Care When You Need A Tooth Extraction

With regular care during checkups from your dentist, and smart preventive dental care at home, you can keep your smile in great condition. That means avoiding potentially involved restorative dental treatments like tooth extractions. While many people do undergo an extraction procedure to remove their wisdom teeth, there are situations where other teeth need to be removed. In any situation where an extraction is required, your dentist is committed to delivering the most comfortable possible treatment experience. That means providing you with modern care, as well as offering dental sedation for anxious patients. Hopefully, you can limit your risk for advanced dental troubles. If a problem does arise, it can be reassuring to know you have access to expert care from your dentist. (more…)

Planning A Treatment To Address A Frustrating Smile Gap

If you have teeth that are unevenly spaced, or if you have an undersized tooth, a gap may be present in your smile. This can be a frustrating cosmetic problem, but your dentist can help you find the best solution. While gaps are often seen as the result of alignment issues that demand orthodontic work, you may be able to have the problem resolved through cosmetic dental work. After evaluating your needs, your dentist can determine the best approach for you. If orthodontic care is recommended, you can discuss treatment with Invisalign. With Invisalign aligners, you can close a gap between teeth without wearing distracting metal braces. (more…)

Quiz: Circumstances That Might Call For A Dental Crown

Dental crowns are able to provide important support for a vulnerable tooth that can last for years. This dental restoration is often linked to cavity work, as many people with tooth decay will need a crown to fully protect their tooth. The crown covers all of your tooth above your gum line, which means it can be a prominent part of your smile. Fortunately, modern dental materials make it possible for you to receive a restoration that blends in naturally. Crowns are not always necessary in cavity treatment – you may only require a dental filling, if decay is stopped in time. This protection for your tooth can also be called for in other circumstances, such as after an injury, or to address congenital defects.  (more…)

How Digital Imaging Can Impact Your Patient Experience

One of the big advantages that you gain from attending regular dental exams is that your dentist can identify problems in their early stages. When you leave a problem unaddressed until it starts to cause painful symptoms, you could require a more involved treatment. At a checkup, your dentist is able to carefully study your oral health, and identify problems that call for restorative dental treatment. Earlier treatment means the work you undergo will be less involved, and you can preserve more of your healthy tooth structure. To provide a remarkably careful study of your smile, your dentist can rely on advanced imaging technology. Using these tools means having a safe, thorough examination. Digital x-rays can produce significantly less radiation, while giving your dentist the means to create a more accurate diagnosis for you. (more…)

Take Part In The Chili Cook-Off Fundraiser Feb 23

On Friday, February 23, Londonderry residents can enjoy an afternoon tasting a collection of top-notch chili recipes, or show off their own. The Women’s Council Of Realtors Southern New Hampshire are hosting the cook-off to help raise funds for their organization. Those interested can sign up to enter their chili in the competition, and compete for prizes as they seek top honors. If you are not ready to test your cooking skills, you can join in the fun and sample the collection of chilis made by residents in and around the Londonderry area. (more…)

Finding The Right Solutions For Different Cosmetic Problems

How much good can a cosmetic dental treatment do for your smile? When you identify the issue – or issues – that are disrupting your appearance, you can seek the appropriate cosmetic procedure, and see remarkable improvements. By targeting what has been holding you back, your dentist can make valuable changes to the look of your teeth. In some cases, it can be easy to see how you might move forward – for instance, teeth stains are often remedied with a professional whitening procedure. However, you may be unsure of how to best approach issues with the condition of certain teeth, or with their alignment. A consultation with your dentist can help you find the answers to these questions. (more…)

Early Detection Can Change Your Cavity Treatment Experience

When a cavity is identified and treated in the early stages, you can limit the damage your tooth suffers, and limit the amount of restorative dental work you have to undergo. Many individuals, particularly those who fail to attend regular dental exams, may not come in for treatment until they are dealing with regular tooth pain. If you have a cavity serious enough to cause this discomfort, it may have reached the point where you need a root canal treatment. If you have your dentist reviewing your smile on an ongoing basis, they can spot trouble, and schedule you for a cavity treatment when the matter only calls for a dental filling. (more…)