Including Orthodontic Work In Your Smile Improvement Goals

You may be able to name several improvements you would like to make to your smile, while being unsure what procedure, or procedures, might make those changes possible. At our Londonderry, NH dental practice, we can work with you to find the easiest path to completing all of your improvements with cosmetic dental care! We are experienced at helping people make their teeth whiter, fixing problems with the shape and size of certain teeth, and correcting dental damage. If your goals involve correcting your dental alignment, in addition to these other improvements, we can talk to you about pairing orthodontic work with Invisalign with additional services. (more…)

We Want Your Time In The Dentist’s Chair To Be Comfortable

When you visit our Londonderry, NH dental practice, you can look forward to work that helps you show off a healthy, happy smile. In addition to offering routine preventive care, we can take care of problems that threaten your oral health, or do work to improve your smile. We want you to feel confident about your appearance and oral health after a visit, and we want you to feel comfortable during your time here. For people who struggle with anxiety when it comes to dental work, we can make an appointment easier by providing dental sedation. The right sedative can make it easier for you to remain calm while work is being performed. (more…)

We’re Ready To Care For Your Smile During A Dental Emergency

You may not be ready to deal with a dental emergency, but our Londonderry, NH dental practice is ready to help! Dental injuries, and experiences with significant dental pain, can hijack your plans and demand professional care. We understand that some problems provide little to no warning, and call for a prompt response. When visiting us for emergency work, you can look forward to modern services that ensure your smile is in good health, and that any teeth that experience trouble are properly restored. Because we can produce lifelike dental crowns and offer cosmetic dental work, we can make sure your smile is preserved through treatment. (more…)

Can One Procedure Benefit My Smile AND My Oral Health?

If you want your smile to look better, you should look into cosmetic dental work. If you need to do something about an oral health problem, you should schedule restorative dental work. So what should a person do if they are concerned about an oral health problem, while also feeling bothered by the appearance of their smile? At our Londonderry, NH dentist’s office, we provide lifelike dental restorations that can preserve the health of a tooth, while also making potential improvements to the way it looks! This can mean that seemingly significant dental needs can be resolved in less time than you might think possible. We can also offer both cosmetic and oral health improvement through orthodontic work with Invisalign aligners. (more…)

Regular Dental Checkups Help You Maintain Healthy Teeth

Did you do an effective job of protecting yourself against cavities and gum disease today? If you have a consistent oral care routine, and you are cautious about overindulging with sugary treats, you can feel confident that your smile is safe from harm. It is hard to overstate how important good habits are when you want to avoid tooth decay and periodontal problems. With that said, effective daily care is not something you should point to as an effective substitute for regular dental exams! At our Londonderry, NH dental office, we can deliver consistent preventive services that will help you preserve a truly healthy smile! (more…)

3 Problems That Crooked Teeth Can Cause You To Experience

Can an unaddressed issue with the alignment of your teeth affect your smile? It certainly can, and for many people, the cosmetic effect of poor dental alignment is the only reason they need to look into orthodontic work. If you want that work to be more discreet, and easier to fit into your life, you can talk to your Londonderry, NH dentist about using Invisalign aligners to correct gaps, overlaps, and any other problems that might affect the positioning of your teeth. It should be noted that by straightening your smile, you can do more than just improve your appearance. Orthodontic work can also improve your bite function, and make you less likely to suffer cavities. (more…)

Can Veneers Provide Enough Support For Damaged Teeth?

When you have visible signs of dental damage that affect your smile, you can be self-conscious about the way you look, while also feeling worried about your oral health. If you want to do something about this problem, you can meet with your Londonderry, NH dentist’s office to review your treatment options. For superficial damage that affects the way you appear, you may be able to resolve the problem by having custom porcelain veneers created, and placed on teeth. Your veneers are carefully designed to be an ideal fit, and to fully tend to all of your cosmetic concerns. It should be noted that if dental damage affects the health of a tooth, or creates a concern that further damage could occur, restorative dental work may be required. (more…)

Concerned About Tooth Pain? You May Need A Root Canal

If you start feeling pain in your tooth, you may grow understandably worried about your oral health. This is especially true for pain that seems to arise without a clear cause. If an aching tooth continues to bother you, the problem could be that a cavity has caused an internal infection. This can be less than welcome news, but you can be reassured knowing that our Londonderry, NH dental practice is ready to help you. If you have an infected tooth due to a cavity, or because of a dental injury, we can arrange a root canal procedure for you. We are prepared to provide this endodontic treatment under normal circumstances, and we are prepared to deal with more complicated cases, so we can make sure your needs are met. (more…)

We Use Advanced 3D Images To Plan Invisalign Aligners

When you are facing an important job, you can expect your planning efforts to play a big part in your ultimate success. Your Londonderry, NH dentist’s office takes planning seriously when we prepare to provide oral health care to our patients. For a patient who is about to undergo Invisalign treatment, our practice uses advanced technology to create 3D images of their smile to gather information for creating your custom aligners. While it can be more comfortable to take digital images, rather than rely on a physical mold to design these appliances, this approach also offers highly accurate information, which can ensure that your custom aligners are a truly effective fit! (more…)

Dental Restorations Can Make Your Smile More Attractive

How do modern dental restorations help patients feel better about the way they look? You can be excited to see how a custom restoration hides flaws with the shape of a tooth, its size, and even its color! The right restoration can even provide important functional support, if this is required. If you have concerns about the state of your smile, make an appointment at your Londonderry, NH dentist’s office. We provide quality cosmetic dental work and restorative dental work that can have a great effect on your appearance and oral health. After determining the right treatment for your current needs and desires, we can plan treatment that can have true, lasting value for your smile! (more…)