Improving Your Smile Quality With Repair

Woman Londonderry NHSince you do not have the ability to regrow your adult teeth, it is vital that you maintain a consistent level of care throughout your life. A major part of this comes through your home hygiene maintenance of brushing and flossing. Always be sure that you are taking enough time to clean your mouth twice each day, as bacterial buildup of plaque and tartar contribute to tooth decay. If you currently skip your flossing, it is a significant part of your care; after all, you can develop cavities on all sides of your teeth.

At My Dentist in Londonderry, NH, we are available for all of your smile needs. Take some time to speak with a trusted dental health provider about the areas where you are not able to fully care for your mouth. If you have areas in which your enamel has become damaged, reach out to a dentist quickly, so that you can find a repair. From dental fillings to crowns, there is an accessible form of treatment to suit your particular needs! (more…)

The Private Benefits Of Invisalign®

Arms Crossed Londonderry NHIf you struggle with your alignment, you understand how far-reaching your condition can be. Every time you meet a new person, you might hide your condition with a different way of smiling or speaking. This can follow you through your life, in both your social and professional worlds. Speak with your trained dental health provider at My Dentist in Londonderry, NH about your condition, so that you can feel comfortable being yourself in meetings and job interviews.

In addition to the cosmetic advantages of alignment treatment, you could improve your ability to maintain your natural material. Treatment from Invisalign® can help you with a more discreet option than traditional orthodontic means. These are nearly invisible trays that you wear for most of the day. Even while you sleep, your solution will continue to gently shift your teeth into location. As you change these trays out, you will progressively move closer to your goal. Discover how this form of treatment gives you the opportunity to continue your daily life with less intrusion, all while improving the quality of your dentistry! (more…)

Keep Up With Your Dental Maintenance

Transparent Test Bedford MAIt can be easy to let time slip away from you in your dental appointments, but these visits are crucial to your long term smile success. There are two primary parts of your in-office care, including a visual examination as well as a dedicated cleaning of the structures of your mouth. Both of these aspects are invaluable in the routine maintenance of your mouth.

Visual examinations serve as a way to catch problem developments quickly after their appearance. You do not have the ability to see every portion of your smile with your home care, so you require the assistance of a trained dental health professional. Allow these appointments to strengthen your oral hygiene between your visits. Your cleaning at My Dentist in Londonderry, NH also helps you continue your positive dental maintenance. Plaque and tartar accumulate in areas where you are unable to fully clean, so the care of a skilled provider removes this bacterial buildup. Take control of your oral health future with a checkup! (more…)

Taking Technology To Heart

Tools White Londonderry NHAt My Dentist in Londonderry, NH, we aim to give you the best quality of care possible. One of the ways that we do this is through a significant investment into newer forms of technology. From the early diagnosis of conditions to advancement in treatment, we are dedicated to bringing you the best the market has to offer.

The start of care begins with quality imaging. We have access to digital x-rays in order to limit your exposure to radiation. As well, this method allows for the capture of many more images so that your dental professional has more information. With more knowledge, better outcomes are available. Cone beam technology is beneficial for more extensive restoration and is helpful in the placement of dental implants. Further advanced digital imaging technology is available through iTero® oral scanning for your alignment treatment or restorative procedure. We are dedicated to the success of your smile! (more…)

Durable Porcelain Veneers Are Versatile

Smile Londonderry NHCosmetic dental concerns are almost universal. Nearly everyone has some aspect of their smile that they would wish to change. Even if it is a minor hindrance, you spend all day long with your mouth. A chip or small instance of misalignment could feel much larger in the context of your dentistry. These situations can accumulate and leave you with an appearance that does not give you self-confidence.

Enamel improvement through the use of porcelain veneers could be the right solution for you. This is a versatile solution to enamel damage and wear that could help you to smile with pride. This method uses a thin sliver of translucent ceramic material to recreate your natural enamel. Porcelain veneers from My Dentist in Londonderry, NH can help to give you a neater smile that looks wonderful. This process can help you to improve the look and feel of your teeth without the need for extractions. Discover the advantage of cosmetic dentistry above the gumline!


A Complete Smile Renovation In 2023

Beard Londonderry NHAs we turn the page on the past year, it is time to write down our plans and goals for 2023. If you are struggling with a failing tooth or have recently had an extraction, this can be an exciting time. Take charge this following year in your dental destiny with a strong new dental implant.

At our office in Londonderry, NH, we are proud to offer clients a titanium bond that can actually improve with time. Discover why this process is quickly becoming a staple within the dental world. An osseointegrated post can give you unparalleled new bite strength. Tooth loss does not have to mean a decrease in the quality of your smile! (more…)

Eliminate Infection With A Root Canal

Pain Londonderry NHWhen a bacterial infection reaches the interior of a tooth, it can lead to serious pain at that location. This is a strong position for these organisms to be in, where they have the protection of your own enamel to keep them safe. Due to this, you cannot regularly brush or rinse away these colonies.

One of the most effective means at removing infection from within the tooth matter is with what is known as a root canal. This process includes the removal of the fleshy interior with a pulpectomy procedure. Then your dentist seals the connections to the jaw using a plant-based putty known as gutta-percha. After this procedure, your tooth will require a dental crown to keep the future location intact.  At My Dentist in Londonderry, NH, we specialize in the treatment to eliminate oral infection using a root canal. Take care of your oral pain by removing the bacterial element from the equation! (more…)

Could Invisalign® Help You?

Pretty Londonderry NHA bite that does not line up properly is one of the most common dental problems in existence. When our smile connects improperly, it can lead to both medical and cosmetic concerns. For example, overuse in certain areas can lead to dental erosion, which is the loss of enamel due to strenuous wear. Overcrowding and overlapping of the teeth can also lead to decay due to areas that become difficult to keep clean. Not only can this be dangerous to the future health of your smile, but your alignment concerns can prevent you from looking your best. Even one crooked tooth can become the dominant discussion around your beauty.

There is a simple and low-stress option available to you in Invisalign® trays. These nearly invisible aligners can help you gently reposition the teeth within the jaw allowing for a more comfortable experience. We are proud to offer this service at My Dentist in Londonderry, NH, to give you the opportunity to make a positive change in your oral health by correcting your alignment concerns! (more…)

Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Sleep Londonderry NHIf you struggle with your rest, know that you are not alone. Sleep disorders are a common issue, and for many it is a minor inconvenience. However, certain forms of these conditions can cause you concerns both immediately and down the line. Pinpointing the cause of your problem can be tricky, as well, since you’re not awake to take full stock!

Two of these can become significant hindrances to your oral health. The first is bruxism, which is the unconscious grinding of teeth. Your actions could be playing a part in dental erosion. When the collision of the jaw is repetitive and untreated, those actions can create direct pointed damage.

Sleep apnea is another health concern that you should not overlook. Often ignored as troublesome snoring, apnea is the momentary pause of breath due to an obstructed airway. Our Londonderry, NH dental office may be able to help you restore the natural movement of your jaw without resorting to a surgical option. A small amount of effort can lead to great relief! (more…)

Our Technological Advantage

Incisors Londonderry NHOne of the most effective ways to combat dental issues is with knowledge. This might sound reductive, but having the best information possible can mean an expansion in the ways to approach your concern. But oral health symptoms may have any possible number of causes. And simply put, visual examinations can only expose things when they are external or show some form of change that we can physically see.

But there is a vibrant life living underneath your gumline! Proper imagery can help get the best information possible about what’s going on beneath the surface. Digital x-rays are a fantastic way to gather intel about the activity within the bone of the jaw, and within the structure of the teeth. These are more precise than traditional x-rays, and give off less radiation! In addition, we utilize 3D-CBCT dental imaging to examine not only the hard structures of the mouth, but nerves and soft tissue within the head and neck. Today, your Londonderry, NH dentist shows you some of the ways we’ve invested in the brightest new dental technology to keep your smile safe and gorgeous! (more…)