How Concerned Should You Be About A Tooth Infection?

You should be aware that when you ignore a problem like tooth pain or sensitivity, you could be ignoring a potentially serious issue. These are symptoms a person may experience when they develop an internal tooth infection. When an infection is not treated, bacteria in your tooth can spread through the root, damage the tooth to the point it has to be extracted, and travel into your jawbone. Your Londonderry, NH dentist is ready to provide quality endodontic care, or care that is concerned with the interior of a tooth. In addition to treating your tooth, your dentist can provide you with an attractive restoration to keep it safe and secure. (more…)

Providing A Better Patient Experience During Your Root Canal

While a root canal is hardly something to feel excitement over, you should know that the procedure is important for stopping a potentially serious endodontic problem. This restorative dental procedure protects you when you have a tooth develop an internal infection or damage. When internal problems are not addressed, you can experience serious discomfort, and face the risk of losing your tooth! Your Londonderry, NH dentist’s office can focus on making this procedure as comfortable as possible for you. In addition to making the experience itself more pleasant, our practice can effectively restore your smile by providing you with a lifelike dental crown after your treatment. (more…)

Quality Endodontic Care Can Put A Stop To Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be an uncomfortable warning that your tooth has a problem. If you feel persistent discomfort, you could be experiencing the effect of an internal problem that demands endodontic care. Endodontic treatment, or a dental treatment focused on the interior of your tooth, can protect you against an issue like an advanced cavity, or an infection caused by tooth damage. Your Londodnerry, NH dentist is prepared to provide treatment with a root canal procedure. This work can be more comfortable than you might anticipate, as nitrous oxide and single-tooth anesthetic can make for a better experience during and after a procedure. (more…)

The Important Support Offered By A Modern Restoration

When you consider what a cavity does to your tooth, you might worry that there will be lasting problems even after treatment. After all, decay permanently destroys your dental material, and you can potentially experience an internal tooth infection if care is not provided in time. It can be a relief to know that when you have a problem with tooth decay, your Londonderry, NH dentist’s office is ready to provide modern restorative dental care. That care includes the use of lifelike, durable restorations that can support your tooth after treatment.  (more…)

Count On Your Dentist’s Help To Deal With A Snoring Problem

A snoring problem can create an embarrassing, frustrating problem for you. It can be difficult for someone to share a room with you, and you can be rightly worried if your snoring seems excessive, or persistent. In some cases, snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea, which can pose a real threat to your general health. Talking to your Londonderry, NH dentist about your snoring troubles can lead to beneficial treatment. Your dentist can supply you with an appliance that allows you to breathe at night without creating unpleasant noise. This can also help with issues related to obstructive sleep apnea. (more…)

Intrinsic Or Extrinsic Discoloration – Which Affects You?

If you look in the mirror and feel put off by teeth that appear dull or discolored, you may be eager to discuss a professional teeth whitening treatment with your Londonderry, NH dentist’s office. Professional whitening agents are effective at addressing enamel stains over the counter products are unable to remove, so your results can be dynamic, and impressive. Of course, you may be having issues with discoloration caused by something other than enamel stains. Some people are affected by intrinsic discoloration, a problem within your tooth that changes its color. Fortunately, there are cosmetic dental procedures that can effectively help you in these circumstances. (more…)

Different Smile Problems You Can Tackle With Veneers

Your trouble with your smile may be due to multiple issues. You could feel self-conscious about the color of your teeth, while also taking issue with signs of wear and tear. You could also have issues due to teeth that developed abnormally, leaving them an odd shape or size. What you might not expect is that with a single cosmetic dental procedure, you can potentially address all of your concerns. Your Londonderry, NH dentist can talk to you about porcelain veneers, and how they can change the way you look. Veneers make changes that seem natural by covering the front of your teeth, and hiding flaws. (more…)

Address Frequent Aches And Pains Caused By TMJ Dysfunction

The aches and pains that can potentially affect someone with TMJ dysfunction can prove frustrating. After all, the idea of spending each day with jaw pain, headaches, and difficulty biting, chewing, and speaking can be an unpleasant one to consider. Unfortunately, those who struggle with this problem without seeking help can continue to face all of these problems. Your Londonderry, NH dentist’s office can help you enjoy relief with a special oral appliance. This appliance, custom-made to fit comfortably, can relax your jaw joints, and help you feel better throughout your days. Treating the problem can also protect you against complications with nightly teeth grinding, or bruxism, which can result in serious dental harm. (more…)

Ready To Straighten Crooked Teeth? Ask About Invisalign

Taking the time to talk with your Londonderry, NH dentist about Invisalign aligners can lead to great smile improvements. This orthodontic treatment relies on a series of clear aligners, rather than traditional braces, to fix problems with teeth that are poorly spaced, crooked, or otherwise flawed. This process can be convenient, thanks to your ability to remove your aligners when they might be intrusive. You can also feel reassured by the way you look when you wear them – thanks to the clear material used for their construction, you can avoid changes to your appearance! By correcting problems with crooked teeth, you can also improve your bite alignment, and address overlaps that are hard to keep clean. (more…)

Want To Maintain Your Best Smile? Take Care Of Your Gums

Are your teeth healthy? You can protect them by limiting your sugar consumption, brushing and flossing regularly, and arranging routine dental exams. The health of your teeth is certainly important, as dental problems can lead to cosmetic issues, and problems for your well-being. Of course, oral care involves more than just protecting your teeth. You also need to be mindful of your periodontal health. If you develop gum disease, and fail to respond in time, the condition can worsen. Your periodontal problems can become difficult to treat at that point, and you face a higher risk for tooth loss. You can be relieved to know that your routine daily smile care can help you keep your gum tissues safe. If an infection does affect them, a scaling and root planing treatment can help. (more…)