When bacteria gather under the gumline, an infection develops. Daily oral hygiene and your dental cleanings protect against this, but gum disease is still a persistent issue for many. We can protect you with ultrasonic scaling, a more comfortable form of scaling that uses soundwaves to clear away harmful microbes before your infection can grow more serious.

If an infection is given time to worsen, serious harm can occur to the tissues that support teeth. As a result, tooth extractions are sometimes necessary as part of a larger plan to restore your smile and health. We can take care of you in this situation, and we can provide extractions in other circumstances where a tooth’s removal is the right treatment approach.

Ultrasonic Scaling

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Tooth Extraction

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Count On Periodontal Health Support At Our Londonderry, NH Dental Office

Your gums are important to your dental health and your general well-being. Our checkups keep you informed about your periodontal health; when problems are found, we offer effective and comfortable treatment solutions. If you would like to find out more, call our Londonderry, NH dental office today at 603-965-3407.