Veneers And Desired Smile Improvements

When you have problems with your smile that draw unwanted attention, it can be exciting to look into cosmetic dentistry and your different treatment options. For people who feel that their goals for treatment are ambitious, the right approach to care can be important. What can you do to make sure that you see the right results without a frustrating delay? Through the placement of custom porcelain veneers, your Londonderry, NH dentist can hide discoloration, dental damage, problems with spacing, and more! This one procedure can have a significant positive impact on how you look, which means you can see your desired results in less time than you anticipate. (more…)

How Invisalign Aligners Improve Your Smile

If you want to improve your smile by taking on problems with poorly spaced teeth, will you have to accept treatment with metal braces? As effective as these traditional appliances can be at fixing smile flaws, this is not your only option. For many people, Invisalign can prove to be an effective solution. Our Londonderry, NH dentist’s office is prepared to help you take on gaps and overlaps between teeth that make you unhappy with the way you look. Your aligners will all be custom-made for the purpose of helping you see your desired improvements, and they will be difficult for others to notice thanks to their clear design. (more…)

Enjoying Life With Implant Dentures

Losing an entire row of teeth can leave you in a state of embarrassment over your smile and concern over your oral health. When this problem occurs, people can expect that treatment will come in the form of dentures. What you might not realize is that our Londonderry, NH dentist’s office can actually provide dentures that are permanently secured with implants. This makes it easier for you to rely on your restoration to offer support when you bite and chew, and it can make you more comfortable with their presence. It also removes concerns about slipping and other concerns, and it can even have benefits for preserving your jaw health. (more…)

Having Trouble Making Your Smile Whiter?

If you try to take care of dental discoloration on your own, it can be hard to see the results you set out to achieve. Simply put, you can have this difficulty because it is hard for you to access the kinds of materials that make meaningful improvements. What you can do to see the results you want is talk to your Londonderry, NH dentist about cosmetic dental work. With a professional teeth whitening treatment, it is possible to see bigger changes and enjoy the welcome confidence boost that comes with noticeable results! (more…)

Trusting Crowns To Keep Vulnerable Teeth Safe

Through your commitment to smile care, you can avoid the kinds of problems that make it necessary for you to arrange restorative dental work. Unfortunately, issues with your smile can arise that make support from your Londonderry, NH dentist necessary, even when you commit to good oral hygiene. What you should know is that the care provided at our office can help you preserve your dental function as well as your appearance. When treatment calls for a dental crown, we can provide a restoration that will offer secure support for your tooth as well as your bite function. (more…)

Count On Invisalign To Transform Your Smile

Do you feel self-conscious about the way you look because of poor teeth spacing? While many people feel self-conscious about this issue, some will hesitate to look at their treatment options because they assume they will need to wear conspicuous metal braces. Letting this assumption keep you from treatment can mean missing out on the important benefits of corrective work. It can also mean missing out on the option of fixing smile flaws with discreet Invisalign aligners, a service provided at our Londonderry, NH dentist’s office. These appliances will make it easier for you to resolve problems with gaps and overlaps that have made your smile less attractive. In addition to being hard to see, you can find that they are easy to remove, so you will not have to worry about their impact on your day-to-day life. (more…)

Veneers Offer Lasting Smile Improvements

Are you someone who feels that their smile could be improved upon? Whether you have one specific issue or a number of concerns about the way you look, it can be a good idea to look into your options for treatment. In doing so, you can find that the right cosmetic procedure is able to make significant changes, and that those changes are easier for you to preserve than you might anticipate. Our Londonderry, NH dentist’s office can help you make meaningful improvements to the way you look by providing treatment with porcelain veneers! These slender but durable restorations can hide many different flaws, and they can make it surprisingly easy for you to preserve those improvements. (more…)

Your Transition To Implant Dentures

Losing an entire row of teeth can feel devastating, but this is a problem that can be effectively addressed when you plan the appropriate prosthetic treatment. While removable dentures can provide important support after this occurs, your satisfaction with your restoration can change gradually. Part of this is because jawbone deterioration that occurs after tooth loss can change the way your prosthetic fits, which means it can become less comfortable over time. You can also feel frustration with the relative lack of support it offers your bite. At our Londonderry, NH dentist’s office, we can recommend that you make the move to an implant-held denture, which can offer more stability as well as support for your jaw health. (more…)

Concerned By Discolored Teeth? We Can Help!

Once you notice the effect that enamel stains have on your appearance, you can find it difficult to smile with the same degree of confidence. Changing your diet to avoid future stains can certainly benefit you, but you can still feel stuck with the embarrassing discoloration that is already present. At our Londonderry, NH dentist’s office, we can recommend services that help to treat discoloration and make meaningful improvements to the way you look. Our office provides in-office services that can have results in one appointment, or we can work with you by providing a customized treatment kit that you use at home. If your stains are especially tough, a combination of these services can have a remarkable effect on your appearance! (more…)

The Right Service For Your Smile Flaws

What kinds of changes would you like to make to your smile? Through cosmetic dental work, there are many issues that we can help you take on in order to see desirable improvements to your appearance. Our Londonderry, NH dentist’s office is happy to help you learn what might be involved in changing your appearance for the better. What you can find is that even a goal that includes several cosmetic improvements can be reached with surprisingly little time and effort. For example, we can use porcelain veneers to take on a range of concerns in the course of just two appointments! (more…)