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How Dental Implants Prevent Complications From Tooth Loss

Tooth loss can intrude on your life in immediately noticeable ways, but it can also create troubles for you that can become apparent over time. If an absent tooth, or multiple absent teeth, make it more difficult for you to bite and chew food, you can certainly see the importance of having a dental prosthetic… Read more »

What Will It Take To Address The Loss Of Several Teeth?

When a patient has experienced the loss of several teeth, they may become worried that their oral health may be permanently compromised. Even with prosthetic dental support to address those gaps, they may feel that they are going to have functional difficulties with biting and chewing. Fortunately, your Londonderry, NH dentist’s office is able to… Read more »

The Benefits That Come With A Stable Dental Prosthetic

Tooth loss can cause a serious problem for the way you look when you smile, while also interfering with your oral health. Those oral health term effects can be experienced in the short term through a limited biting and chewing ability. If you have lost several teeth, you may find yourself cutting many different foods… Read more »

Quiz: Life With An Implant-Supported Prosthetic

What kind of difference can dental implants make to a person’s experience with prosthetic dental work? The support implants provide can make your restoration feel more comfortable and natural. This superior security can also make you more confident in your ability to bite and chew foods, and it can help you avoid issues with jawbone… Read more »

Quiz: Life After Your Prosthetic Dental Work

Receiving prosthetic dental work means having your full smile returned to you. If you are looking into replacing missing teeth, you may already have some idea of how modern care can help you enjoy fantastic results. Patients are able to enjoy permanently held restorations thanks to dental implants, which can lead to a more comfortable… Read more »

Offering Fantastic Prosthetic Support For Patients

Prosthetic dental support can make a huge difference in a patient’s life. One immediate change they enjoy will be the return of their complete smile. By addressing these gaps, you can feel your confidence rise. While this is certainly meaningful, you should not assume that the only benefits you can enjoy are cosmetic. By receiving… Read more »

3 Benefits To Look Forward To From Your Prosthetic Work

Restoring your smile by receiving the appropriate dental prosthetic work can have a major impact on the quality of your life. Modern dental restorations are able to provide cosmetic improvements, as your bridge, crown, or dentures can closely match the look of natural teeth. With dental implants in place to support your prosthetic work, you… Read more »

Planning Your Smile Restoration With Dentures

Serious tooth loss is something that can seriously harm your quality of life. Fortunately, dentures make it possible to fully replace your upper or lower row of teeth. This can give you a renewed confidence, as a set of dentures can closely match the appearance of your original teeth. Your dentist will provide you with… Read more »

Need A Replacement Tooth? Consider A Dental Bridge!

If you have a missing tooth, then you can be all too familiar with the problems this can cause you. There can certainly be some alarm concerning the effect a gap in your smile has on your appearance. In addition to cosmetic issues, you may also feel frustrated by how that absence affects basic jaw… Read more »

Fully Regain Your Smile By Receiving Dentures

Patients who fail to respond to tooth loss can see their losses increase, even to the point of losing all of their upper and/or lower teeth. If you find yourself with several gaps in your teeth, or if you have suffered total tooth loss, a custom set of dentures will help. Partial dentures can be… Read more »