Tooth loss can affect people in different ways and to different degrees. Fortunately, our practice provides multiple treatment options for people who want to do something about this issue. We provide both partial and full dentures to help people who need to address multiple losses. With partial dentures, we can respond to several non-adjacent absences, while full dentures make it possible to fully restore a dental arch with just one prosthesis.

Responding To Tooth Loss With A Partial Denture

Partial dentures provide a convenient prosthodontic solution when patients have several missing teeth. Unlike a dental bridge, which can help to take on adjacent losses with a single restoration, a partial denture is constructed to fill multiple gaps in your upper or lower row of teeth. The appliance is custom-made to fill all of the empty spaces in a way that brings back your natural appearance. Yours can be secured with a set of hidden clasps, or we can discuss the role dental implants can play in keeping the restoration in position.

Using A Full Denture To Bring Back Your Complete Smile

A full denture can replace the entire upper or lower dental ridge. A close review tells us what you need from the appliance in terms of its shape, size, and general look. Yours will be designed to give you back your full, natural-looking smile.

We provide traditional removable dentures for treatment as well as the option to have a restoration secured with dental implants. After reviewing the health and density of your jawbone, we can confirm you are ready to receive implants, which we can set in strategic positions to keep your restoration in place. Once you are appropriately healed from placement, we can secure the denture so that you enjoy remarkable bite support and more overall security from the appliance.

Our Londonderry, NH Dental Office Provides Partial And Full Dentures For Tooth Loss

By providing partial and full dentures to patients who need them, we can provide long-term solutions for more advanced issues with tooth loss. If you are interested in regaining your complete smile, reach out to our Londonderry, NH dental practice today at 603-965-3407.