Tooth loss creates significant cosmetic concerns and dental hardships, but the right treatment can restore confidence in your bite, health, and smile. One option is the placement of a dental bridge. This custom restoration consists of the replacement tooth, known as the pontic, and a pair of dental crowns that will be placed over the teeth adjacent to the gap in your smile.

Using A Dental Bridge To Restore Your Smile

A dental bridge made from a lifelike ceramic material can take on the cosmetic and functional effects of tooth loss. The restoration itself is designed both to match your healthy enamel and blend in with the gums to avoid unwanted notice. The pair of dental crowns featured in the bridge are customized to fit over the abutment teeth (the teeth neighboring the empty space being restored).

Effectively restoring your incomplete smile calls for a bridge that is more than just a good match for the color and texture of your enamel. We rely on advanced imaging technology to closely study the area being treated so that we produce a prosthesis that is the proper shape and size to fit securely and boast a natural look.

Dental Implants And Bridges

Based on a review of your oral health and jaw structure, we can recommend securing a bridge with dental implants. This approach relies on implant support to effectively secure the restoration to your jaw. This can be an effective and comfortable solution when replacing one tooth or several adjacent teeth with a bridge.

Using A Dental Bridge To Restore Your Smile

Your full smile can be completely restored with a custom, lifelike dental bridge. Our practice is prepared to use this restoration to give you back confidence in your bite function and appearance! For more information on how we can do this, reach out to My Dentist in Londonderry, NH at 603-965-3407.