Eliminate Infection With A Root Canal

Pain Londonderry NHWhen a bacterial infection reaches the interior of a tooth, it can lead to serious pain at that location. This is a strong position for these organisms to be in, where they have the protection of your own enamel to keep them safe. Due to this, you cannot regularly brush or rinse away these colonies.

One of the most effective means at removing infection from within the tooth matter is with what is known as a root canal. This process includes the removal of the fleshy interior with a pulpectomy procedure. Then your dentist seals the connections to the jaw using a plant-based putty known as gutta-percha. After this procedure, your tooth will require a dental crown to keep the future location intact.  At My Dentist in Londonderry, NH, we specialize in the treatment to eliminate oral infection using a root canal. Take care of your oral pain by removing the bacterial element from the equation!

Ease Your Pain With Endodontics

When a harmful infection reaches the interior of the tooth, it can lead to serious damage. Moreover, this area is harder for us to properly clean. After all, we cannot normally brush inside our teeth. This means that while we struggle to defeat them, they can rapidly grow in size and strength.

When this battle reaches the nerve within your tooth, it can be excruciatingly painful. This infection has to go soon or it can spread even deeper into the bone of the jaw and become more problematic. At this stage, a root canal may be your best bet at restoring the location.

How Root Canals Work

The basis for a root canal procedure lies in the removal of infected tissue through a process known as a pulpectomy. This takes out the infected living soft material from inside the tooth. Afterward, the connection to the jaw must be sealed in order to ensure that the area continues to remain safe. We accomplish this with a plant-based sealant called gutta-percha.

After the infection has been removed, you will require a dental crown to restore the vigor and stability of the tooth. This is a durable ceramic cap that can give you a strong functioning new surface. Our life-like restorations can have you smiling and biting better than ever, so do not delay in seeking treatment for your dental pain. This process helps you to maintain the natural material below the gumline, as well. Keep as much of your biological tooth as possible!

Excellent Endodontic Care In Londonderry, NH

Tooth pain can truly bring you to your knees. For more information on how a root canal procedure can help you bring normalcy back to your smile, contact My Dentist in Londonderry, NH at 603-965-3407. Do not allow it to progress!