Implant Dentistry And Severe Tooth Loss

Losing one tooth can be troubling enough, but the problem of tooth loss can grow even more severe when several are missing. If you have multiple gaps in your smile, or if all of your teeth in a row are missing, it can be difficult to eat certain foods, which can limit your diet in frustrating ways. It can also feel uncomfortable to speak or smile. Over time, there is another problem that should concern you – without teeth roots to stimulate your jawbone, you can lose mass and experience cosmetic and health changes. Your Londonderry, NH dentist can work with you if this problem is one that you need to resolve. Through the placement of dental implants, we can permanently support restorations that will give you back your smile as well as your bite function.

Am I Still Eligible For Treatment With Dental Implants?

You should make restorative dental work a priority after you lose a tooth. Just one gap in your smile creates several problems. In addition to making your smile less attractive, this is an issue that can compromise your bite function and leave you vulnerable to more losses. In time, missing teeth can cause issues with jawbone deterioration, something that will occur when you no longer have your roots stimulating the bone. Many people affected by tooth loss benefit from the placement of dental implants. You should be careful about putting off care for too long, as the loss of jawbone density can change the way we approach treatment.

Planning Your Restorative Treatments

Before we confirm you for treatment, your dentist will perform a thorough evaluation to make sure you are ready to receive dental implants. It is sometimes necessary to perform work to restore deteriorated jawbone tissues before implants can be put in position. However, once you are ready, we can arrange the placement (or placements), after which you will wait to heal before receiving custom prosthetic treatment. Once a restoration is in place, it can effectively improve your appearance as well as your bite function.

Implants And Dentures

It is possible to keep dentures in place with dental implants. In fact, there are actually exciting benefits to doing so that can interest you. Loose dentures will not support your jaw health, which means you are still susceptible to the loss of bone density that can change your appearance and oral health. This deterioration can also create problems with the fit of your restoration in time. Implants also provide more stability for your prosthetic, making it easier for you to bite and chew.

Talk To Your Londonderry, NH Dentist About Implant Dentistry And Tooth Loss

At our Londonderry, NH dentist’s office, patients who have experienced tooth loss can count on us to provide the right services to give back their confidence in their appearance and bite function. To find out more, call My Dentist at 603-965-3407.