Am I Stuck With My Loose Dentures?

When you first received your dentures, they may have been easy to keep in place, but now they feel less secure. Over time, a person who relies on a prosthetic dental arch to restore their smile can grow concerned over growing discomfort with their appliance. This can lead to insecurities as well as general discomfort. This is a problem that affects many people – what may surprise you is that it can be the result of changes in your jaw health and density, not a change in the restoration itself. Without the roots of our teeth in place, we lose stimulation in our jawbone when we bite and chew, which robs the bone of nutrients. The good news is that you do have the option of restoring that stimulation, and improving the stability of your prosthetic, when you speak with My Dentist about implant-held dentures!

Why Do My Dentures Feel Less Secure These Days?

After a period of time, you may feel less confident in the support your dentures give you. It can be upsetting to feel as though you have to give your restoration more attention to make sure it does not slip out at an inopportune time. It can also be uncomfortable to have one in place that no longer feels as though it offers the right hold. Rather than try to adjust to this uncomfortable problem, you can talk to your dentist about using dental implants to keep a prosthetic secure on a permanent basis.

How Dental Implants Affect Your Experience With Prosthetic Treatment

Dental implant-held dentures provide more stability, as these restorations are secured with implants that are set directly into patients’ jaws. The implant placement process ensures that the post you receive is in the right angle and position to provide the most benefit. Because they are made with titanium, your jaw will actually fuse with them in time as you heal. Once you are ready, you can return to our practice to have your custom denture secured. After the restoration of your implants, you can enjoy life with a stronger, more secure prosthetic!

Life After You Receive Your Implant-Held Dentures

With implant-held dentures, you can have an easier time biting, chewing, and speaking, which can be good for your overall confidence. You also have more support for your jawbone, as the implants that are in place provide new stimulation to keep nutrients flowing to the bone. At regular exams, we can offer continued guidance on caring for your smile when you have this prosthetic, and we can provide support to keep it healthy and stable.

Talk To Your Londonderry, NH Dentist About Implant-Held Dentures

Through the placement of an implant-held denture, we can provide renewed confidence in your smile, bite, and oral health. To learn more, contact our Londonderry, NH dental office at 603-965-3407.