What Kind Of Care Is Needed For A Chipped Or Cracked Tooth?

Physical damage that affects your smile can be troubling. You can feel put off by how you look now that your appearance is altered by this physical harm. While the cosmetic effect of damage can be worrying enough, you also need to look out for signs that your oral health might be affected. Is it no longer possible to put pressure on your tooth when you bite and chew? Are you experiencing lingering pain or sensitivity? Your dentist can help you with superficial damage by providing cosmetic dental work. If you need to do something about damage that affects your oral health, they can provide the appropriate restorative dental work

You Can Have Cosmetic Work To Expertly Hide Dental Damage

Cosmetic dental work can make big changes to your appearance, but those changes are subtle enough to ensure your smile still looks natural. Porcelain veneers can be made to offer natural coverage for problem teeth. In addition to hiding damage, they can correct for problems with tooth size, and even improve issues with discoloration.

Receiving Restorative Dental Care For Dental Damage

If your dental damage has any effect on your dental function, or if it puts your tooth at risk for an infection, your dentist will have to provide restorative care. Fortunately, dental crowns can offer a combination of effective restorative and cosmetic improvement. The life-like materials used to construct a crown can match your enamel, so there will be no loss of uniformity due to its presence among your teeth. The crown is also durable enough to absorb your biting and chewing pressures, while also keeping you safe from an infection.

Talk To My Dentist In Londonderry, NH About Addressing A Chipped Or Cracked Tooth

At My Dentist in Londonderry, NH, you can have a problem with dental damage effectively managed. Your dentist can determine what type of care is needed, and make sure your smile still looks great after your treatment. Our practice is proud to offer valuable restorative and cosmetic treatments to our patients whenever they need our support. To learn more, schedule a consultation with one of our experts by reaching the My Dentist office in Londonderry, NH, today at (603) 965-3407.