Tooth Extraction

By pursuing the most conservative treatment option available for your dental trouble, we can minimize the impact of restorative dentistry. While our goal is to minimize permanent changes to tooth structure, there are times when proper care calls for extraction. In these cases, our practice can still take care to make your procedure as comfortable as possible, and we can work with you on following this work with plans to replace what was lost with a durable and lifelike dental prosthetic.

Understanding Tooth Extraction’s Role In Smile Care

There are different issues that make extractions necessary. While gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss, it is just one condition that can lead to tooth loss. Untreated cavities can progress to the point where teeth cannot be allowed to remain; severe dental trauma can also compromise a tooth beyond repair. In these and certain other situations, we can proceed with your removal to effectively restore your oral health. Following that work, we can make plans to use a prosthesis to bring back your complete smile.

Different Types Of Tooth Extraction

Simple tooth extraction will see your dentist carefully remove the tooth with the aid of a special instrument for loosening and extracting it without issue. This is a non-surgical approach that leads to a clean removal while protecting neighboring teeth and soft tissues. In some cases, surgical extraction is required; during this approach, the tooth root and structure under the gums will be revealed so that the tooth can be removed. This is an approach that allows for the removal of impacted wisdom teeth that do not fully erupt.

Talk To Your Londonderry, NH Dentist About Tooth Extraction

When tooth extraction is necessary, we can help you understand the reasons for proceeding with this care. In addition to safely taking care of the tooth by extracting it, we can arrange to make your smile whole again with a custom prosthetic appliance. For more information on this service and our commitment to restorative dentistry, call My Dentist in Londonderry, NH at 603-965-3407.