Why Sleep Apnea Is Different Than Snoring

Snoring is an embarrassing condition – sleep apnea is a potentially dangerous one. Sleep apnea can seem like particularly heavy snoring to some. However, this condition is doing more than just making someone a noisy sleeper. If you suffer from this issue, you are actually losing sleep throughout the night. Your sleep cycle is continually broken, and you are being deprived of the important health benefits you should be enjoying from a night’s rest. Patients with sleep apnea are vulnerable to issues like heart disease, struggle to feel rested and alert during the day, and can have existing mental issues aggravated. Your dentist can treat you in order to prevent your condition from continuing to cause health concerns. (more…)

Making Over Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers

Imagine your smile without the flaws – large or small – that leave you with a dissatisfied feeling. How much work would it take for your dentist to improve your appearance by eliminating these problems? Patients who receive porcelain veneers can find themselves free of the frustrating damages, stains, and misshapen teeth hurting how they look. Your dentist can provide you with veneers after just two visits. The first visit is concentrated on preparing your teeth so that veneers can be permanently bonded to them, and taking information needed to ensure they fit perfectly. Once your cosmetic restoration has been produced, your follow-up appointment will see your dentist place them. Veneers are made to last. You can depend on them to keep their appearance over time. (more…)

You May Need A Root Canal Treatment To Stop A Severe Cavity

Tooth decay can start small, but as it continues to spread, you can find yourself with a problem that poses a big threat to your oral health. One issue in particular is the development of internal problems caused by a cavity. If oral bacteria are able to enter the interior of your tooth, you can feel pain and sensitivity, and face a real chance of losing that tooth. With a root canal treatment, your dentist can access the infection within your tooth, and remove it. This removal will protect you from the loss of your tooth, and from the risk that bacteria will spread through the tooth’s root, causing more problems. (more…)

The Londonderry Kids’ Coop Will Perform Sister Act 7/21-22

On Friday, July 21, and Saturday, July 22, you can watch the Kids’ Coop Theater perform Sister Act, the wildly popular musical. The theater has been hard at work creating a terrific performance with its young cast. The play, based on the film, follows a woman who finds herself in protective custody within a convent. The interaction with the nuns creates hilarity, along with some truly inspired tunes. The Kids’ Coop Theater gives young Londonderry performers an opportunity to experience the stage, with experienced professionals offering guidance. The nonprofit group has been working since 1997 to provide local kids with this outlet. (more…)

Stop Bruxism And TMJ Problems From Ruining Your Smile

Without your dentist’s help, problems like bruxism and TMJ dysfunction can lead to major issues with your oral health. People who deal with bruxism can struggle to control their teeth grinding habit, especially because it tends to happen while they sleep. That impact on your teeth can lead to serious damage, meaning you could find yourself seeking restorative dental care. If you have problems with your jaw joints (your temporomandibular joints – TMJs), you can suffer pain, and have trouble biting and chewing food. By seeking help for these problems, you can effectively prevent more serious concerns from developing. (more…)

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