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What You Gain From Switching To Implant-Held Dentures

When dentures are necessary for restoring a person’s smile, they make it possible to give someone their full smile with a single restoration. With a removable denture, you can regain your smile while also enjoying practical support from treatment. Over time, however, you can grow concerned as your denture starts to feel less secure. You… Read more »

We Can Talk To You About Plans To Bring Back Your Full Smile

When you have an incomplete smile, you can feel frustrated at how your smile and your dental function have changed for the worse. Our Londonderry, NH dental practice is ready to speak to you about this problem, and offer prosthetic dental solutions! We are ready to help patients who need to replace a single absent… Read more »

Restoring Your Smile After Experiencing Major Tooth Loss

Major tooth loss can be devastating to your oral health, and your confidence. If you experience the loss of several teeth, you may feel as if there is little you can do to regain your smile. What you should know is that modern prosthetic dental work can give you back your complete smile, while also… Read more »

How Tooth Loss Can Create Issues With Proper Dental Function

Our jaw function depends on the presence of all of our teeth. If you have just one missing tooth, it can impede your ability to bite and chew, and generally make your life more difficult. Modifying your jaw functions can put a greater demand on remaining teeth, and speed up their rate of wear and… Read more »

3 Things To Keep In Mind When It Comes To Tooth Loss

Many people would prefer not to think about tooth loss. After all, if you are keeping up with regular brushing, and your teeth look good, you may feel that this is a remote risk. That being said, you can do a better job protecting yourself against tooth loss if you understand what can cause it…. Read more »

3 Reasons Tooth Loss Can Make Your Life More Difficult

You might be surprised to discover that the biggest cause of tooth loss is actually gum disease. While people can – and, in some cases, will – lose teeth after injuries, or because of advanced tooth decay, complications from an advanced periodontal infection cause the most tooth loss. That being said, having missing teeth for… Read more »