Category: Dental Implants

Are Your Dentures Making You Uncomfortable?

Many people who need to receive a set of dentures can operate under the impression that their prosthetic will have to be held in place with epoxies, or natural suction. If you already have dentures, and rely on these methods, you may find yourself frustrated by a lack of stability. Over time, you may find… Read more »

Is It Time To Do Something About Your Incomplete Smile?

Are you fed up with a gap in your smile caused by tooth loss, and ready to do something about it? You can be happy to know that modern prosthetic dental support may offer more benefits than you realize. Your restoration will have a positive impact on how you look, which can be a big… Read more »

3 Things To Keep In Mind When It Comes To Tooth Loss

Many people would prefer not to think about tooth loss. After all, if you are keeping up with regular brushing, and your teeth look good, you may feel that this is a remote risk. That being said, you can do a better job protecting yourself against tooth loss if you understand what can cause it…. Read more »

Why Include Dental Implants In Your Prosthetic Experience?

Should you be satisfied with a dental prosthetic that comes without the support of dental implants? You can certainly enjoy a positive experience receiving a dental bridge, partial dentures, and full dentures that are not supported with implants. That being said, implants can provide an added degree of stability to a prosthetic restoration, and can… Read more »

Advanced Imaging Technology And Your Dental Experience

What does advanced imaging technology do to improve your dental experience? Your dentist uses images of your smile to plan procedures, and to more carefully examine the current quality of your oral health. Digital x-rays, which emit notably less radiation than conventional x-rays, offer a clearer view of your teeth, making it easier to make… Read more »

Depending On Dental Implants For Prosthetic Support

Having a dental prosthetic you can depend on to help you with tasks like biting and chewing means having a prosthetic that is securely held. By receiving dental implants to hold your prosthetic, you can ensure you have the security you need to enjoy real functional advantages with your restoration. Implants are made from biocompatible… Read more »