Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Sleep Londonderry NHIf you struggle with your rest, know that you are not alone. Sleep disorders are a common issue, and for many it is a minor inconvenience. However, certain forms of these conditions can cause you concerns both immediately and down the line. Pinpointing the cause of your problem can be tricky, as well, since you’re not awake to take full stock!

Two of these can become significant hindrances to your oral health. The first is bruxism, which is the unconscious grinding of teeth. Your actions could be playing a part in dental erosion. When the collision of the jaw is repetitive and untreated, those actions can create direct pointed damage.

Sleep apnea is another health concern that you should not overlook. Often ignored as troublesome snoring, apnea is the momentary pause of breath due to an obstructed airway. Our Londonderry, NH dental office may be able to help you restore the natural movement of your jaw without resorting to a surgical option. A small amount of effort can lead to great relief!

Protect Your Enamel From Grinding

Bruxism is the unconscious movement of the jaw, and it can cause harm if it occurs overnight. During waking hours, we may be able to mentally block some of our repetitive habits like bouncing a knee or chewing cheeks. At night, however, this action can go unchecked for hours!

This continued movement can begin to wear down the enamel. When allowed to continue, the destruction of this hard outer coating of the teeth can expose the structures within. The molars begin to lose definition on the top surface and the incisors start to shrink.

After the wear passes fully through the enamel, it can leave you susceptible to a host of serious infection concerns. Often, a root canal is necessary to eliminate painful bacterial growth. When these organisms pass into the bone matter of the jaw, more invasive surgery might be required to ensure the safety of your smile and overall health.

Free Your Airway, Feel More Rested

Sleep apnea is another common concern. This condition typically occurs due to the obstruction of the airway during REM sleep. When the throat fully relaxes, the nerve that controls our tongue loses its strict control over our throat. The tissue in this area can fold over each other, preventing you from receiving the oxygen you need!

This condition can lead to serious health concerns such as heart attack and stroke. Apnea patients report significantly higher blood pressure due to their condition. While you may think of this as annoying snoring, it can actually be a serious concern!

A Better Night’s Sleep in Londonderry, NH

Take care of your health and begin to feel more rested with treatment with a nightly worn mouthguard. This non-surgical approach can help you to breathe easy overnight.  To make an appointment, please call our Londonderry, NH dental office at 603-965-3407!