You Should Feel Confident Biting With A Fixed Prosthetic

example of a senior couple comfortable with biting and chewing thanks to restorative dental workIf you have a single tooth absent from your smile, it can force a change in your approach to biting and chewing foods, which can lead to several potential new oral health troubles. Over time, your adjustment may force changes in your jaw movement that create more stress, and eventually build to causing you persistent discomfort due to TMJ disorder. You can also wear down your remaining teeth, which can make it more difficult to keep them in good health. Thanks to a permanent prosthetic appliance provided by your Londonderry, NH dentist’s office, you can have an easier time with your dental function! You can also feel more comfortable with your smile, as the right restoration can be a good cosmetic match for your surrounding teeth.

Bite Problems Caused By Tooth Loss Can Be Difficult To Ignore

The more time you spend trying to simply ignore your bite problems, the more difficult it can become to ignore their effect on your life. Consistently performing awkward movements with your jaw can tax your joints and muscles, which can lead to alignment issues as well as general discomfort. If you become overly reliant on an incomplete set of teeth to bite and chew food, the added work can wear them down more quickly, which can make you more likely to have problems with them. Teeth surrounding an absence can be particularly vulnerable, as they have less support and may loosen in time.

Options For A Fixed Prosthetic Appliance

Dental bridges and dental implant-held restorations can be kept secure once placed, and they can make it easier for you to bite and chew without problems. A dental bridge gives you a way to restore your bite function and appearance without oral surgery. The restoration stays in place because it features two dental crowns – each crown is customized so that they comfortably fit over the teeth surrounding a gap. In between them, your pontic (replacement tooth) is permanently set. If you have a dental implant put in place, it is possible to hold a restoration in position without affecting your neighboring teeth.

Dental Implants Help Support Your Jawbone Health Over Time

When dental implants are relied on for prosthetic dental work, they can help with more than just your appearance and bite function. Your prosthetic crown will be able to support your jawbone when you bite and chew, as activity will stimulate the bone. When stimulation occurs, it tells your body to deliver nutrients to your bone, which keeps it from losing mass as time passes.

Discuss Prosthetic Dental Work With Your Londonderry, NH Dentist

Your Londonderry, NH dentist’s office has experience working with patients who have experienced different degrees of tooth loss. If this problem has affected your smile and quality of life, call My Dentist in Londonderry at 603-965-3407.