Will Cavity Work Have An Effect On How I Look?

Does the presence of a cavity mean the end of your attractive smile? It is true that a cavity causes permanent damage, so technically, that tooth is permanently altered. You will need to have a restoration permanently placed on your tooth. While many people assume that a dental filling or dental crown might be conspicuous, and cause a distraction, you should know that there are appearance-friendly materials that can protect your appearance. While a cavity treatment will involve the placement of a restoration, it can be discreet enough to stay undetected by others.

Using Appearance-Friendly Materials To Craft Restorations

Dental fillings can be constructed with composite resin, which looks significantly more like your enamel than metal. However, the advantage of a resin filling is not merely cosmetic – the material can actually bond with your tooth, providing incredible stability.

Dental crowns made from ceramic are strong enough to provide the kind of protection needed for a vulnerable tooth. Of course, the other big benefit to dental ceramic is that it allows your dentist to make a restoration that looks remarkably similar to a natural tooth.

Other Improvements To The Restorative Treatment Experience

Your dentist can provide you with a discreet restoration when you need it, but this is not the only update to dental technology that can benefit you. Patients who need more involved work on a tooth can benefit from single-tooth anesthesia, which helps make your overall experience more comfortable. The anesthetizing effect will provide the same protection against discomfort provided by traditional anesthetic, but you can experience fewer side effects. It will be easier for you to feel comfortable after treatment, as you will not have to worry about having a numb mouth after your procedure.

Talk To My Dentist If You Need To Undergo Work To Treat A Cavity

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