Why Your Dentist Provides Composite Resin Fillings

A dental filling is provided for patients to protect a tooth after a cavity is removed. By placing it, your dentist protects that tooth against future problems, and also provides support against any loss of strength caused by the removal of decayed enamel. The use of biocompatible composite resin to create fillings allows for a remarkable degree of support. The material is able to stay securely bonded to your tooth because of its biocompatible nature, and the use of liquid adhesive that helps keep the bond strong. Of course, many patients are appreciative of composite resin fillings because they provide a more natural-looking restoration.

The Process Of Restoring A Tooth Experiencing Tooth Decay

Your dentist will use a dental filling to protect a tooth after providing restorative dental care to excise the area where decay has occurred. After this material is removed, a liquid adhesive will be applied, followed by the resin, which will fill the space where treatment occurred. The resin will be tinted to match the color of your enamel.

Timely Treatment Matters When It Comes To Cavities

Some cavities do more damage than your dentist can comfortably trust a filling to repair. If the degree of decay affecting your tooth is more severe, they may have to take a different course with your treatment. For instance, if your tooth’s pulp is affected by decay, a root canal procedure will have to be performed. If a filling is not able to provide enough support, then your dentist can give you the protection you need by offering a dental crown.

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