Why You Should See Bruxism As A Serious Oral Health Threat

If you think of bruxism – an unconscious habit of grinding your teeth – as merely an annoyance, you should know that it can pose a serious threat to your oral health. You should recognize that because our jaws are able to bite with an impressive degree of force, teeth grinding puts considerable strain on teeth. As the problem persists, you may start to notice wear and tear accumulating. You could also find yourself with a serious chip or crack in a tooth that demands restorative dental care. Bruxism can lead to TMJ troubles, but you should know that the reverse can be true, and that unaddressed discomfort can lead to bruxism.

Using A Mouth Guard To Protect Your Teeth While You Sleep

People who experience bruxism tend to have problems when they sleep. This is because they are unconsciously grinding their teeth at night, so that they wake up with pain and sensitivity affecting their teeth, face, and jaw. Because this is a time when your teeth face a real risk for trouble, your dentist can help by supplying you with a mouth guard that keeps your teeth safe. This appliance will keep space between your upper and lower teeth, so that they are safe from harm.

Dealing With The Existing Damage Left By Bruxism

In some cases, patients who have experience bruxism will want to undergo cosmetic dental work to hide damage. For other patients, the degree of damage will make restorative care necessary. If you chip or crack a tooth to the point that it jeopardizes its well-being, your dentist can protect it with a dental crown.

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