A Root Canal Helps You Stop That Nagging Toothache

Smiling Londonderry NHIf you have started to notice a difference in the way your smile feels, spend some time with your local dentist to learn a little bit more about what is going on inside your mouth. By taking the time to see your provider for a cleaning and examination, you can better understand your next moves, including any restorative measures that you need to keep your smile safe. When an infection reaches the soft, fleshy interior of your tooth, an endodontic solution could be the answer that you’re looking for.

At our dental office in Londonderry, NH, we understand the importance of a safer smile. If your toothache remains even after trying over-the-counter options, it is time to talk to your dentist about the changes you are feeling within your oral health. In these situations, a root canal treatment procedure can help you to regain confidence in your bite through helpful restoration. Avoid an extraction with dedicated endodontic repair for your smile!

A Tooth Infection Within Your Pulp Can Cause Serious Pain

In your daily life, your oral health is guarded by the protection of your natural enamel. This is the material that coats the external surface of your teeth, and did you know that it is the hardest form of tissue that your body creates?

Even though your natural enamel is highly durable, it can be lost due to tooth decay or an injury like a break or a crack. In these situations, you are now at risk of developing a serious tooth infection within the softer areas deep inside your tooth. Without your enamel to serve as a shield, bacteria can move through the more porous material known as dentin, which makes up the bulk of your tooth. This infection can continue to grow and spread, so when you start to feel a change in your dentistry, talk to your provider about your options.

Root Canal Treatment Helps You to Renew Your Smile After An Infection

After you have developed a bacterial infection within your pulp, speaking with your dentist can help you to understand your next steps. Your provider may recommend a root canal treatment procedure, and if so, take the time to learn about how this process can help you to save your infected tooth. With the removal of your bacterial growth, feel the relief of a safer smile!

Learn More About Root Canal Treatment With My Dentist In Londonderry, NH

When you start to experience pain or discomfort within your natural teeth, make the effort in speaking with a trusted dental provider about what is happening with your smile. To learn more about restoration using a root canal treatment, give us a call today at My Dentist in Londonderry, NH at (603)965-3407!