Whether the issue is relatively minor or causing a noticeable problem with your smile, uneven teeth spacing should be a concern. Problems with alignment can create distracting gaps and overlaps while also causing issues with poor bite alignment that tax your jaw joints and muscles. With Invisalign® clear aligners, we can fix mild to moderate problems with spacing without asking patients to use metal braces that they may find off-putting.

Planning Your Treatment With Invisalign® Aligners

We rely on the iTero digital scanner to measure your teeth and oral structures, and to assess your individual issues with poor spacing. Digital imaging can make this important process more comfortable while yielding remarkably detailed information. From what we gather, we can have a set of clear aligners made that gradually move teeth into their appropriate positions.

Your treatment will depend on you using each aligner in your set for a designated length of time. They are intended to be worn throughout the day—thanks to the use of a clear acrylic, they can stay in place without drawing unwanted attention. With that said, you are free to take them out when you eat and clean your teeth. This combination of discretion and convenience makes Invisalign® appealing to many who feel uneasy about traditional orthodontic work with metal braces.

Discuss Invisalign® Treatment With Your Londonderry, NH Dentist’s Office

Our practice provides Invisalign® treatment as an alternative to traditional orthodontic appliances. We can work with you both to confirm that this will be an effective solution and to start plans to effectively improve your smile and oral health! For more information, call our Londonderry, NH dental practice at (603) 965-3407.