Root Canal

Dental injuries and cavities that go untreated for an extended period of time can create problems within your tooth structure. When that inner structure, known as the pulp, develops problems, you can experience discomfort, observe swelling around your tooth, and experience further complications that jeopardize your health.

Root canal treatment is the dental response when these problems occur within the pulp. Our practice can carefully access this area and remove infected and unhealthy tissues. The space is then cleaned and sealed, and your tooth is capped with a custom dental crown for long-term protection. We can provide traditional root canal treatment as well as more advanced services, such as root canal retreatment, when needed.

Root Canal Treatment Responds To Issues Within The Tooth Structure

Root canal treatment is a process where harmful bacteria and infected tissues are removed from the tooth structure. However, while care with a dental filling only requires the removal of enamel, a root canal makes work within the tooth’s inner structure necessary. After your tooth is carefully anesthetized, a small hole is made in the structure to give access to the pulp. The infected tissues are removed, and the space is cleaned, sanitized, and filled for protection. After this work concludes, a dental crown will be placed.

The Role Of Root Canal Retreatment In Smile Care

A root canal is intended to be a permanent solution for your dental trouble. However, there are times when discomfort persists or begins again. Should the initial treatment fail, we can perform retreatment, which means the area is accessed again so that the infection can be completely dealt with; doing this in time will prevent complications that make an extraction necessary.

Our Londonderry, NH Dental Practice Provides Root Canal Treatment And Retreatment

If your tooth is impacted by an advanced cavity, or if it is injured in a way that puts its inner structure at risk, we can proceed with a root canal to restore your health. Remember that the sooner you seek care for a concerning problem, the more likely you are to have that problem treated before it progresses past the point where it can be saved. To learn more about root canal treatment and its role in restoring your smile health, call our Londonderry, NH dental practice at 603-965-3407.