Oral cancer is a significant threat to your health. With the means to provide early detection, a patient’s chance for successful treatment improves significantly. Our practice provides consistent screenings for oral cancer during exams and cleanings. In addition to providing visual examinations, we rely on advanced VELscope® early cancer detection. This diagnostic technology can highlight abnormal, potentially cancerous tissues to improve early detection. With VELscope®, we can reveal concerns that cannot be seen during a visual review.

The Importance Of Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer, like other diseases, is easier to treat when detected early. We provide consistent reviews at dental exams, and we can rely on VELscope® to detect abnormalities before they can be visually observed. We also recommend that you perform monthly self-examinations at home; our practice can provide guidance to make it easier for you to observe warning signs.

Our Londonderry, NH Dental Office Uses VELScope® To Provide Early Oral Cancer Detection

Through thorough visual examinations and the use of VELscope®, we can recognize oral cancer in earlier stages, which greatly improves chances for successful treatment. To find out how we can provide detection in the office and help you perform examinations between visits, call My Dentist in Londonderry, NH today at 603-965-3407.