3D Digital Imaging

Through the use of advanced digital imaging technology, we can carefully evaluate your oral health and plan advanced services. Digital x-rays and advanced cameras allow us to capture more information in less time, and while making preparatory work more comfortable for you. We rely on these different imaging tools to improve experiences with preventive and restorative care!

CD-CBCT Digital Imaging

Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) provides remarkably detailed 3D images of your teeth and jawbone structures along with images of the nerve pathways and surrounding soft tissues. The cone-shaped x-ray beam produced with this technology takes many images of the teeth, jaw, oral structures, and tissues from multiple angles. After combining these images, the scanner produces a precise 3D image that we can closely evaluate to review your oral health and plan upcoming treatment. This can provide valuable information and make preparatory work more comfortable when preparing for more involved services like dental implant placement.

iTero Intraoral Scanning

Digital images and measurements play important roles in oral health care. The images we capture with our iTero digital scanner can help with the design of different restorations as well as custom Invisalign® aligners. In addition to taking measurements used to create custom aligners, iTero images let your dentist evaluate your issues with poor bite alignment and effectively chart the adjustment path to a better smile.

Learn How Our Londonderry, NH Dental Office Uses 3D Imaging In Smile Care

With advanced imaging technology, we provide more comfort during evaluations and capture remarkably detailed images for use in the creation of restorations. To learn more about the role technology plays in your smile care, reach out to My Dentist in Londonderry, NH by calling 603-965-3407.