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Dental Crowns Can Help With Many Different Issues

Dental crowns are frequently employed to protect teeth after a cavity. Once placed, the crown can keep a tooth safe and supported after decay is removed. They are particularly useful when you need a root canal to deal with a cavity, as your tooth will have a considerable amount of material removed. While crowns and… Read more »

Making Improvements To An Unsightly Tooth

Any issue that hurts a tooth’s ability to function, or negatively impacts its appearance, can be frustrating. After all, it only takes one bad tooth to spoil your smile, and any issue that interferes with your bite function can lead to real difficulties. Your dentist can work with you to correct a tooth that is… Read more »

Is Your Restoration Providing Functional Support?

After receiving a restoration for a tooth affected by a cavity, or physical damage, you should feel comfortable using that tooth in routine dental functions. Restorative dental work includes the placing of a filling, or a crown, because your tooth will need support to make up for irreversible harm. While the damage it suffers may… Read more »

Ignoring A Toothache Can Lead To Big Oral Health Troubles

Trying to gamely ignore tooth pain may cause you to leave a serious dental issue without treatment. That discomfort you are trying to tolerate may be a sign that your tooth is infected, and needs prompt treatment. This can happen if you have a cavity that has worked its way to your pulp, or if… Read more »

Dental Crowns Make It Possible To Save Weak, Damaged Teeth

Because our teeth can fail to recover from structural damage, problems like tooth decay and physical harm can lead to serious trouble. Fortunately, dental crowns make it possible to save a vulnerable tooth that has suffered significant issues. When a dental crown is placed on a tooth, it can protect you against future infections, contribute… Read more »

What Are The Benefits Of Modern Cavity Treatment?

Modern restorative dental care can provide you with a dependable, durable, attractive restoration when you have a cavity. In some cases, individuals can assume that cavity work will lead to the placement of a more conspicuous metal crown or filling, which may hurt the quality of their smile. Your dentist can actually supply patients with… Read more »

Should You Worry About Tooth Sensitivity?

Are you struggling with sensitivity to certain foods and drinks? Do you find yourself shying away from hotter or colder items, due to their tendency to cause dental discomfort? Tooth sensitivity can be disruptive to a person’s daily diet, and can leave you vulnerable to pain during meals. There is no single cause for this… Read more »

Modern Fillings Offer Discreet And Dependable Support

Even a small cavity leaves your tooth with damage that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, your enamel will not be able to repair itself after your cavity is addressed, but your dentist can help by providing you with a dental filling. Modern dental fillings are made with a composite resin material. This substance is popular… Read more »

Quiz: Situations That Can Call For A Dental Crown

Not every problem with a tooth will require a dental crown. It is possible to catch tooth decay in time to make sure you only need a dental filling. If you are addressing a chipped or cracked tooth, the damage may be superficial enough that cosmetic dental work is all that is needed to fix… Read more »

3 Things About Restorative Dental Care That May Surprise You

Modern restorative dental care may be drastically different than what you imagine it to be. If you have been fortunate enough to stay cavity-free for an extended number of years, you can be unaware of how changes to the field have improved the patient experience. Your dentist can provide you with a treatment that is… Read more »