Category: Restorative Dentistry

3 Unexpected Complications From Oral Health Issues

Obviously, any oral health issue you develop should be treated. When you need it, you should know that you can count on expert restorative dental care from your dentist. What you should also know is that waiting to address a problem can lead to further complications. That will mean needing additional care, while putting you… Read more »

Quiz: How Cavities Affect Our Teeth

So what exactly do you think happens when a cavity forms on your tooth? While you can be clear on the idea that a cavity is causing you harm, you may be unclear on what is at stake when tooth decay forms, and what it takes to address the matter. You should know that when… Read more »

Should I Seek Cosmetic Dental Care For Damaged Teeth?

Dental damage can refer to serious injuries that need urgent attention, but the term can also refer to minor chips and cracks. Obviously, a significant degree of harm should be addressed as soon as possible. With prompt restorative dental care, you can make sure your problem does not impact how you look, or the condition… Read more »

Modern Dental Care Can Improve Your Treatment Experience

Modern approaches to general dental care can offer a range of benefits for patients. One way your dentist can offer an improved experience is by providing dental restorations that preserve your appearance. When you have a cavity, you may fear the effect a dental crown or dental filling will have on how you look. You… Read more »

Answering Questions You Might Have About Dental Crowns

What makes a problem serious enough to require having a dental crown placed on your tooth? For some cavities, a dental filling will be enough support. However, larger cavities can demand more protection for your tooth than you should trust to a filling. Instead, your dentist will place a crown. After preparing the tooth, a… Read more »

Questions About Root Canals? We Have Answers!

The mere mention of a root canal treatment can cause some patients to immediately tense up. This procedure is often thought of as uncomfortable and particularly unpleasant. However, it should be noted that root canals allow your dentist to protect patients against serious forms of tooth decay and damage. The procedure is used to restore… Read more »

Why Your Dentist Provides Composite Resin Fillings

A dental filling is provided for patients to protect a tooth after a cavity is removed. By placing it, your dentist protects that tooth against future problems, and also provides support against any loss of strength caused by the removal of decayed enamel. The use of biocompatible composite resin to create fillings allows for a… Read more »

Dealing With A Tooth That Is Chipped Or Cracked

A chipped or cracked tooth can create real oral health issues, and act as a cosmetic nuisance. The significance of the problem will depend on the severity of the damage. If you suffer a more significant physical injury, restorative dental care will be needed to support your tooth. These injuries can make it easier for… Read more »

Why Patients Benefit From Single-Tooth Anesthesia

How does single-tooth anesthesia alter the traditional dental treatment experience? One issue that leaves many patients wary when they come in for restorative dental work is the prospect of having their mouth numbed. While this can certainly reduce discomfort during your procedure, you may be unhappy with the effect after you leave the office. That… Read more »

Quiz: Seeking Treatment For An Advanced Cavity

Advanced cavities can pose a significant threat to your tooth, and create trouble for your oral health. What distinguishes an advanced cavity from a minor one? Simply put, leaving a cavity without the appropriate restorative dental treatment allows it to grow and worsen, which puts you in more danger of suffering complications. Tooth decay will… Read more »