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A Spring Cleaning For Your Whole Family

Man And Boy Londonderry NH

As a parent, ongoing oral maintenance is something that you need to plan for every member of your family. People of all ages need to see the dentist for a semiannual checkup at least twice each year, and it is up to you to ensure that your child receives the care that they need. We… Read more »

3 Tips For Keeping Kids’ Teeth Safe From Halloween Candy

Halloween offers lots of fun activities, and an excuse to wear fun costumes. While trick-or-treating can be an important part of this holiday, the abundance of candy can create potential trouble for kids’ smiles. Because candy has high amounts of sugar, and may stick to teeth, there are real cavity risks to guard against. One… Read more »

Providing Important Dental Care For Young Patients

You know how important it is to protect your child’s smile, but they may be less aware of why they need to practice good dental care. Pediatric dental visits can be beneficial for the support they provide during each appointment. Your child can enjoy a careful, thorough teeth cleaning, and have their smile studied closely…. Read more »

Encouraging Kids To Take Great Care Of Their Teeth

When their teeth first arrive, you will have an active role in addressing your child’s oral health needs. As they age, however, they will take on the responsibility of caring for their smile. How can you make sure they do a good job of cleaning their teeth? One thing that can help is to make… Read more »

Quiz: Tackling Common Pediatric Dental Concerns

What kind of issues should you look out for when you work to protect your child’s oral health? While the differences between pediatric dental care and care for adults are important, there can be fewer than you might realize. One big issue is that kids can be less familiar with effective dental care habits, and… Read more »

Using Fluoride And Dental Sealants In Pediatric Dental Care

While children’s dental care needs largely match the needs of adults, there are a few aspects that will be different. One thing that separates pediatric care is that your dentist will spend time educating your kids on brushing and flossing tasks, as well as on oral care in general. This educational component is important, as… Read more »

Quiz: What Do Kids Need From Professional Dental Care?

Are your child’s oral health needs all that different from your own? There are plenty of common threats that you share. Even at an early age, an individual’s teeth are incredibly durable, but vulnerable to decay, particularly if insufficient dental care is provided. Kids face certain disadvantages because they are not as familiar with how… Read more »

Teaching Kids The Importance Of Good Smile Care

How long should you wait before addressing dental care with your child? It is important to understand that once their baby teeth start to arrive, they face the threat of cavities, just like we do. If you want to make sure that your child’s smile stays healthy over the years, starting preventive dental care at… Read more »

Providing Important Dental Care For Young Smiles

Teaching young children the importance of proper dental care can help them maintain good habits well into adulthood. In many ways, the care your kids need will match the care that you need. Your hygienist can help them by cleaning their teeth, and your dentist can spend time examining them for any oral health problems…. Read more »

3 Benefits Kids Gain Through Regular Dental Checkups

Caring for young smiles can present unique challenges. This is not because their teeth are in a weakened state, but because kids face the disadvantage of being less informed, and less familiar with proper dental care. They also face the risk of structural abnormalities. Improper development of the jaw can be easier to address in… Read more »