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Enjoy Big Improvements After One ZOOM! Whitening Treatment

Many common items can contribute to the discoloration of your teeth. Over time, coffee and tea can leave stains, as can dark colas and color-rich foods. If you smoke, you put yourself at risk for a range of general and oral health risks, as well as a risk for dental discoloration. If you want to… Read more »

Make Striking Cosmetic Improvements With Veneers

Are you ready to show off a smile that has been dramatically improved? Patients who want to make striking changes to their appearance can be pleased to learn how much they can accomplish by having porcelain veneers placed. Veneers offer full coverage of the front of your teeth, and are capable of hiding a variety… Read more »

Should I Seek Cosmetic Dental Care For Damaged Teeth?

Dental damage can refer to serious injuries that need urgent attention, but the term can also refer to minor chips and cracks. Obviously, a significant degree of harm should be addressed as soon as possible. With prompt restorative dental care, you can make sure your problem does not impact how you look, or the condition… Read more »

How Botox Can Address Cosmetic Flaws Affecting Your Smile

Your teeth play a big part in how you look when you smile, but there are other factors at work when it comes to your appearance. You may feel concerned by the presence of lines and wrinkles around your mouth, particularly when you smile. While cosmetic dental services typically focus on the condition of your… Read more »

3 Things You Might Not Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

How much good can a cosmetic dental treatment do for your appearance? With the right treatment, you can enjoy a dramatic improvement to your smile, which will help you feel more confident in how you look. Your dentist can provide cosmetic care in less time than you might expect, while making remarkable changes. While this… Read more »

Addressing Different Forms Of Dental Discoloration

If you have discolored teeth, your best bet is to undergo a professional whitening treatment, right? For many people, this will lead to exactly the results they hope for. Whitening agents can remove stains in your enamel, and you can conclude treatment with big, noticeable changes. However, there are some individuals who will not have… Read more »

3 Cosmetic Benefits Veneers Can Provide Patients

Porcelain veneers can offer serious improvements for your smile, and their effect is not limited to correcting a single problem. Many patients will choose to have veneers placed because they can treat several concerns with this one cosmetic dental treatment. To provide you with veneers, your dentist will first have to take measurements of your… Read more »

Quiz: Would I Qualify For Cosmetic Dental Work?

If you feel unhappy with the current state of your smile, you may be ready to make a change by undergoing cosmetic dental work. Many patients can make big improvements by having a procedure performed by their dentist. However, some people may learn that they have issues that need to be addressed before moving forward… Read more »

Addressing Mouth Wrinkles With Botox And Dermal Fillers

By undergoing treatment with Botox, you can prevent the formation of embarrassing and unsightly wrinkles around your mouth that affect your smile. This can make a big difference in your appearance. Your teeth are certainly a major component of your smile, but the condition of your skin around your mouth will also play a part… Read more »

Can I Really Take A Professional Whitening Kit Home?

If you want a professional quality cosmetic dental treatment, it has to happen in your dentist’s office, right? There are many procedures available through your dentist that can make notable improvements to your smile, including a ZOOM! whitening treatment. That being said, your dentist can prepare you a whitening kit that you can take home… Read more »