How Your Dentist May Be Able To Help You Fight Daily Fatigue

Of the many issues sleep apnea can cause, people often focus on snoring. This can certainly be the easiest symptom to pick up on, but there are other issues that can result from this condition. One problem you can experience if you have sleep apnea is daily fatigue. Because your sleep cycle is being interfered with throughout the night, you can fail to fully benefit from sleep, making you feel tired the next day. It should be noted that sleep apnea can also lead to dangerous issues concerning hypertension, diabetes, and existing health conditions you are already managing. Your dentist can help you treat sleep apnea – in fact, they may be able to offer you a treatment that does not require a CPAP machine. 

Find Out How Your Sleep Apnea Can Be Treated Without A CPAP Machine

Sleep apnea patients can be less than thrilled to find themselves reliant on a CPAP machine while they sleep. Because it can be uncomfortable to wear, it could become a new impediment to your night’s rest. Your dentist can offer an alternative to help with obstructive sleep apnea. A special oral appliance can be created for you to keep your breathing passages open all night. By stopping the breathing obstructions that break your sleep cycle, this insert can have a major impact on your well-being.

Know What Your Dentist Can Do For You

Regular dental checkups can do more for you than just help you avoid cavities. Your dentist is able to provide a range of oral health services. That may mean providing you with support to address sleep apnea. It could also mean addressing problems with your gum health, or helping you manage TMJ dysfunction. If you want to make sure you have this care available you, you need to make routine care a priority.

Talk To My Dentist About Addressing Issues Related To Sleep Apnea

At My Dentist in Londonderry, NH, you can receive support for sleep apnea that does not require a CPAP machine. Our practice is proud to help patients enjoy terrific smile care, and we are able to work with you to address many different concerns. To schedule a consultation with one of our experts, contact the My Dentist office in Londonderry, NH, today at (603) 965-3407.