Quiz: What Do Kids Need From Professional Dental Care?

Are your child’s oral health needs all that different from your own? There are plenty of common threats that you share. Even at an early age, an individual’s teeth are incredibly durable, but vulnerable to decay, particularly if insufficient dental care is provided. Kids face certain disadvantages because they are not as familiar with how to brush and floss, and because they have been given less guidance (at least so far) on how and why oral health care is so important. Your dentist can help educate them on proper dental care when you arrange pediatric dental visits. In addition to routine preventive dental care, kids can receive an oral health education, guidance on brushing and flossing, and extra cavity protection from sealants and fluoride treatments.


True Or False: There is no reason to set up regular dental exams and cleanings until a child’s adult teeth have mostly arrived. Until then, they should only see the dentist if you are worried something is wrong.

True Or False: Fluoride treatment and dental sealants are used to help improve a child’s defense against tooth decay.

True Or False: In addition to offering standard preventive dental services, your dentist can take time at every visit to help offer beneficial guidance on how your child can care for their teeth between visits.


False! Starting dental visits at an early age will provide valuable instructions for your child, and allow your dentist to help defend them against oral health threats. After all, even primary teeth need to be protected against decay.

True! Fluoride treatments and dental sealants will make it easier for your child to stay cavity-free.

True! Your dentist’s advice can help your child practice better oral care at home, and improve their cavity defense.

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