Dental Troubles May Be The Cause Of Your Chronic Headaches

Why are you finding yourself at the mercy of chronic headaches? One reason people develop this problem, as well as pain in their neck, face, and jaw, is because they are having issues with their temporomandibular joints – their jaw joints, essentially. When you develop issues in this area, you can experience what is commonly known as TMJ dysfunction, which can cause persistent problems for you. Your dentist can look out for indicators that you may have this problem during a routine dental exam. That said, if you are worried your jaw troubles might be causing you to experience chronic discomfort, reach out for an evaluation. 

What’s Causing Me To Suffer From TMJ Issues?

There is no single cause at the root of every TMJ problem. You could have an issue because of an injury, or because of arthritis in the joints. Some people will develop the problem over time because of a poorly adjusted bite, or because they tend to grind their teeth, and tax their jaw.

Making Sure You Have Access To The Dental Care You Need

If your dentist identifies problems with your TMJs, they can provide relief with a special oral appliance that can help you relax those joints. This can help you recover from your ongoing discomfort, and ease your symptoms.

Whenever you think something may be wrong with your oral health, make sure your dentist knows about it. Ignoring a problem leaves an opening for it to grow more serious, which can mean new symptoms, and new complications. For instance, that toothache you try to ignore could be the sign of a cavity – leaving it untreated means decay can continue to destroy the tooth. A root canal treatment may be needed to put a stop to the problem.

Talk To My Dentist In Londonderry, NH About Chronic Headaches, And Other Problems Caused By TMJ Dysfunction

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