3 Reassuring Things To Know About Restorative Dental Work

Your dentist would rather see you stay cavity-free than need restorative dental work, and you (presumably) feel the same way. Tooth decay can pose a serious threat to a tooth, and will lead to the permanent loss of some dental material. A restorative treatment may not be something you look forward to, but seeking treatment as soon as possible is important. You can limit the damage to your tooth by having care provided early. Fortunately, even when you need more advanced care, your dentist’s modern approach to treatment can limit your potential discomfort, and make sure your oral health needs are totally met.

1. Single-Tooth Anesthesia Can Improve The Patient Experience During Dental Work

By isolating the anesthetic effect to your tooth undergoing work, your dentist can help you avoid the embarrassing issues that can accompany full mouth anesthesia. You will not have to feel self-conscious because your mouth remains numb after a procedure, so it will be easier to return to your day. Fortunately, this single-tooth anesthesia can still provide important relief from potential discomfort during something like a root canal treatment.

2. You Can Enjoy Support From A Life-Like Prosthetic If You Have To Have A Tooth Extracted

If you stay on top of your oral health needs, and attend regular dental exams, you should be able to stop a dental problem before a tooth extraction is needed. That being said, if you find yourself needing to have a tooth removed, your dentist can provide a life-like, supportive dental prosthetic, so your smile is still complete.

3. Scheduling Preventive Appointments After Dental Work Can Help You Avoid Future Problems

If you want to protect yourself against future cavities, arrange to meet with your dentist for regular appointments. During these visits, they can provide important preventive services, and alert you when a problem has started to form.

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