Simple Care For Diabetic Mouths

Yoga Londonderry NHMany Americans have either Type I or Type II diabetes. This auto-immune disease affects 29 million of our population, with the number increasing daily.

If you are a diabetic, you know that it can pose problems with a large amount of different areas of the body. But even diabetic educators do not often get into the connection to your oral health. This is an important aspect of your health, and knowing possible complications may give you the energy to keep your blood sugars in check. Today, your Londonderry, NH dentist expresses how important diabetic maintenance can be in keeping your smile happy and strong!

Salivary Sugars

When your blood sugars are elevated, it can cause damage to your circulatory system. We know this and see it in the eyes and extremities. But our mouths are also a huge network of blood vessels, down to the smallest capillaries. When glucose within the blood causes harm here, it can put you at serious risk!

Your body tries to rid itself of excess sugar in the body through our fluids. Primarily, we use the urine as an avenue for this, due to the volume. But we also increase the level of glucose within the saliva.

Normally, your saliva is an antibacterial fluid that continuously washes our teeth and gum tissue. But when you’ve suddenly made your mouth sweet, it can cause decay!

Dehydration Is Another Concern

Since the body starts to push large amounts of your fluids out, you quickly run out of your own water supply. This dehydration will continue until your blood sugar comes down to normal, and during this time, you’re much more likely to experience dry mouth.

These in combination lead to a much higher rate of periodontal disease within diabetic patients. This refers to the infection and inflammation of the gum tissue. When the gums recede, it can expose the roots of your teeth, leaving them susceptible to infection.

This infection can require a root canal surgery or even extraction. Around 20%, or one in every five tooth loss scenario occurs due to diabetes. So be sure to monitor your glucose levels, for the health of your smile!

Best Care Practices

If you have diabetes, it is important to manage your condition strictly. While your glucose levels are within range, you operate as a healthy individual. So you do have the power to keep yourself as safe as you possibly can.

In combination with this, a sturdy oral health regimen at home is always suggested. This means twice-daily brushing, and flossing daily. The vast majority of people do not floss, and this can harm them significantly. And stick to scheduled appointments with your dentist!

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