See A Special Screening Of Coco At The Manchester Library

On Wednesday, July 11, the Manchester Public Library will host a special screening of the Disney Pixar hit film, Coco! This animated tale is a terrific celebration of music, family and culture. This daytime screening will be made free to the public. With the kids out of school for the summer, this is a fun opportunity to step out for an afternoon, and enjoy a good time together. Speaking of kids and summer, many families find that summer vacation is a great time to make sure kids enjoy a routine dental checkup. You can count on great pediatric care from your Londonderry, NH dentist’s office when you come in for an appointment.


The screening of Coco will take place on Wednesday, July 11. The film will start playing at 1 pm.


The Manchester Public Library is located at 405 Pine St, Manchester, NH.


There is no listed charge for attending this event.

Activities Include:

The Manchester Public Library will welcome kids and parents to come in for a special afternoon screening of the Disney Pixar film Coco! You can enjoy the screening of the hit film, and peruse the books in the libary. after.

For More Information:

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