Quiz: Recognizing And Addressing Oral Health Threats

When you have a problem with your oral health, addressing it as soon as possible will help you avoid the more serious concerns that can result from inaction. One way to make sure your teeth are staying in good health is to make sure you attend regular dental exams. That way, your dentist’s review will bring attention to matters that call for care. Of course, you can also stay mindful between visits, and take steps to correct a potential concern. Maintaining good habits, and changing bad ones, will have an overall positive effect on your risk for problems like tooth decay.


True Or False: When you grind your teeth, you can potentially damage them to the point of needing restorative dental work.

True Or False: Soft drinks can pose a problem because of their high sugar content, and because of their acidity.

True Or False: If you don’t like to floss, you can just extend the amount of time you spend on brushing your teeth to make up the difference.


True! Teeth grinding can do serious damage to your smile. Your dentist can provide a special mouth guard to protect you against this habit while you sleep.

True! Acidic items soften your enamel. When this occurs, your ability to avoid cavities will be reduced. Of course, you should certainly be cautious about these beverages’ sugar content, too!

False! When you floss, you give special attention to areas of your teeth that are hard to reach. Spending more time brushing can still leave these areas without the necessary care to stop the potential formation of cavities and gum disease in those spaces between teeth.

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