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How Does Single Tooth Anesthesia Benefit Patients?

When you see your Londonderry, NH dentist for restorative work, you can feel confident knowing that your comfort is a priority during your procedure. One benefit to the modern care you receive is that you can look forward to having a restoration that can limit any change to the way you look. When it comes… Read more »

Anticipating The Needs Of Anxious Patients

A patient’s needs are not limited to the kind of care needed to protect their smile. Some people will have a harder time at the dentist’s office due to feelings of anxiety. This can range from discomfort at the thought of restorative dental work to a general unease about any kind of care. What you… Read more »

Convenience And Comfort With Single-Tooth Anesthesia

Patients deserve to have dental care that makes their comfort a high priority, which means focusing on more than just preventing discomfort. A common problem associated with restorative dental work is the lingering effects of localized anesthetic. Leaving the dentist’s office with a mouth that is still experiencing numbness can be uncomfortable and awkward. By… Read more »

Making Your Dental Experience More Comfortable

Comfort during dental care can be a big concern, particularly for those patients who experience dental anxiety. Your dentist recognizes the value of providing a welcoming environment, as well as the importance of minimizing discomfort. Of course, comfort is not just the avoidance of pain. Many patients are bothered by the lingering effects of anesthesia…. Read more »

Why Patients Benefit From Single-Tooth Anesthesia

How does single-tooth anesthesia alter the traditional dental treatment experience? One issue that leaves many patients wary when they come in for restorative dental work is the prospect of having their mouth numbed. While this can certainly reduce discomfort during your procedure, you may be unhappy with the effect after you leave the office. That… Read more »

How Single-Tooth Anesthesia Can Improve Dental Treatment

There can be several reasons a patient feels apprehensive about their impending dental work. One issue is with the aftereffects of treatment. If you undergo restorative dental work that involves anesthesia, you may be bothered by the way the numbing of your mouth can complicate your day. Thanks to single-tooth anesthesia, those issues can be… Read more »