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Fully Regain Your Smile By Receiving Dentures

Patients who fail to respond to tooth loss can see their losses increase, even to the point of losing all of their upper and/or lower teeth. If you find yourself with several gaps in your teeth, or if you have suffered total tooth loss, a custom set of dentures will help. Partial dentures can be… Read more »

How Tooth Loss Can Create Issues With Proper Dental Function

Our jaw function depends on the presence of all of our teeth. If you have just one missing tooth, it can impede your ability to bite and chew, and generally make your life more difficult. Modifying your jaw functions can put a greater demand on remaining teeth, and speed up their rate of wear and… Read more »

Are Your Dentures Making You Uncomfortable?

Many people who need to receive a set of dentures can operate under the impression that their prosthetic will have to be held in place with epoxies, or natural suction. If you already have dentures, and rely on these methods, you may find yourself frustrated by a lack of stability. Over time, you may find… Read more »

Is It Time To Do Something About Your Incomplete Smile?

Are you fed up with a gap in your smile caused by tooth loss, and ready to do something about it? You can be happy to know that modern prosthetic dental support may offer more benefits than you realize. Your restoration will have a positive impact on how you look, which can be a big… Read more »

3 Reasons Tooth Loss Can Make Your Life More Difficult

You might be surprised to discover that the biggest cause of tooth loss is actually gum disease. While people can – and, in some cases, will – lose teeth after injuries, or because of advanced tooth decay, complications from an advanced periodontal infection cause the most tooth loss. That being said, having missing teeth for… Read more »

Using A Dental Bridge To Cover The Gap Left By A Lost Tooth

If you have lost a tooth, you may come to see the gap that absence leaves behind as an unhappy reminder that your smile is not what it used to be. Unfortunately, the problems you face when you lose a tooth are more than just cosmetic. Biting, chewing, and even speaking can be hit with… Read more »