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Sensitivity Emerges This Time Of Year

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One of the most common dental issues around this part of the calendar is tooth sensitivity. If you’re feeling your teeth a little more than you did over the summer, you’re not just imagining it. Colder winter air can expose concerns that may have stayed hidden throughout the warmer months. Well, here in New Hampshire,… Read more »

Precautions For Expecting Smiles

Pregnant Londonderry NH

Whether it is your first time being a parent or if this is a process you have been through before, there is always something new to learn about pregnancy. This is an incredibly complex biological process that people can spend their entire years studying. Moreover, we are learning more each day about the intricate ways… Read more »

Simple Care For Diabetic Mouths

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Many Americans have either Type I or Type II diabetes. This auto-immune disease affects 29 million of our population, with the number increasing daily. If you are a diabetic, you know that it can pose problems with a large amount of different areas of the body. But even diabetic educators do not often get into… Read more »