Category: Oral Cancer

Using VELscope For Advanced Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is a serious disease, and it is something your dentist is committed to protecting patients against. A visual check for any sign of symptoms will take place when you undergo routine dental care. Thanks to VELscope, it is possible for your dentist to diagnose oral cancer early, and begin treatment sooner. VELscope is… Read more »

Screening And Detection For Serious Oral Health Concerns

If you think your dentist is only worried about finding cavities during a routine dental checkup, you can be surprised at the range of issues they watch for. Standard exams do give your dentist a chance to watch out for cavities, and these examinations are important – catching a cavity sooner means sparing more dental… Read more »

VELScope Offers Important Early Detection For Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a serious, potentially deadly, disease. When it comes to combating this condition, early detection can have a big impact on your odds of successful recovery. You can perform a self-check for oral cancer, monitoring the inside of your mouth for lesions, sores, or other suspicious textures. Your dentist can also provide a… Read more »