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A Spring Cleaning For Your Whole Family

Man And Boy Londonderry NH

As a parent, ongoing oral maintenance is something that you need to plan for every member of your family. People of all ages need to see the dentist for a semiannual checkup at least twice each year, and it is up to you to ensure that your child receives the care that they need. We… Read more »

Keep Up With Your Dental Maintenance

Transparent Test Bedford MA

It can be easy to let time slip away from you in your dental appointments, but these visits are crucial to your long term smile success. There are two primary parts of your in-office care, including a visual examination as well as a dedicated cleaning of the structures of your mouth. Both of these aspects… Read more »

Your Smile Can Slip When Sick

Flu Londonderry NH

This can be a dangerous time of year for our health. While we gather together for the holidays, we might be getting a little too close for our safety. Our common winter viruses such as the cold and the flu start to rear their ugly head when the weather becomes a little colder. The past… Read more »

Are You Tired Of Trying To Hide Your Smile Flaws?

A person with dental flaws can feel so embarrassed by them that they prefer to keep their smile hidden rather than reveal them. Living with this kind of insecurity can affect your ability to be social, it can undermine your overall confidence, and it can generally hurt your quality of life. Rather than continue to… Read more »

Invisalign And Your Cosmetic Goals

If you made a list of cosmetic improvements that interest you, would you include a goal of straightening your smile? For many people, dental flaws are a big concern, as our smiles tend to be among our most prominent features. Unfortunately, it is often assumed that the only way forward with orthodontic treatment requires the… Read more »

Dealing With Dentures That No Longer Feel Comfortable

When a person is given a denture to replace a row of teeth, they can find that the appliance is carefully designed to fit comfortably. While the appliance is removable, it can remain in place with relative ease thanks to natural suction, or through the use of epoxies. Unfortunately, that secure fit may not be… Read more »

The Right Preventive Care Can Help You Avoid Tooth Loss

Are you doing enough today to avoid problems with tooth loss in the future? Your current behaviors can have more of a long-term impact on your smile, and your general health, than you might expect. By consistently practicing good oral hygiene, you can effectively protect yourself against gum disease. In addition to affecting your potential… Read more »

Is Your Coffee Habit Becoming A Problem For Your Smile?

You can find coffee shops in countless shopping centers, and you may find yourself regularly drinking this beverage with breakfast, or at the office, to help you stay alert. As coffee becomes increasingly present in everyday life, it is important to think about its potential impact on your oral health. As you might have guessed… Read more »

We Want Your Time In The Dentist’s Chair To Be Comfortable

When you visit our Londonderry, NH dental practice, you can look forward to work that helps you show off a healthy, happy smile. In addition to offering routine preventive care, we can take care of problems that threaten your oral health, or do work to improve your smile. We want you to feel confident about… Read more »

Regular Dental Checkups Help You Maintain Healthy Teeth

Did you do an effective job of protecting yourself against cavities and gum disease today? If you have a consistent oral care routine, and you are cautious about overindulging with sugary treats, you can feel confident that your smile is safe from harm. It is hard to overstate how important good habits are when you… Read more »