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Improve Your Sleep With An Oral Appliance

Ty Sheridan Londonderry NH

If your loved ones have recommended that you speak with an oral health expert about your loud and aggressive snoring, take their concern seriously and schedule an appointment for an examination with a dentist. You may not know this, but two of the five most common sleep disorders in this country are actually related to… Read more »

Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Sleep Londonderry NH

If you struggle with your rest, know that you are not alone. Sleep disorders are a common issue, and for many it is a minor inconvenience. However, certain forms of these conditions can cause you concerns both immediately and down the line. Pinpointing the cause of your problem can be tricky, as well, since you’re… Read more »

We Can Use Veneers To Address Damage From Teeth Grinding

When you have a hard time stopping yourself from grinding your teeth, you can experience several concerning issues. This habit can negatively affect the alignment of your jaw, which can lead to chronic pain. It can also lead to significant wear and tear on your teeth hurts your smile and oral health. At our Londonderry,… Read more »

Address Frequent Aches And Pains Caused By TMJ Dysfunction

The aches and pains that can potentially affect someone with TMJ dysfunction can prove frustrating. After all, the idea of spending each day with jaw pain, headaches, and difficulty biting, chewing, and speaking can be an unpleasant one to consider. Unfortunately, those who struggle with this problem without seeking help can continue to face all… Read more »

If It Hurts To Bite, You May Need Dental Care

You can put your smile in jeopardy if you try to ignore discomfort by modifying the way you bite to avoid aggravating a painful or sensitive tooth. Your Londonderry, NH dentist can examine your problem tooth, and recommend the appropriate course of action. Cases of dental sensitivity can be connected to cavity trouble. Ignoring decay… Read more »

Your Dentist May Be Able To Offer A Better Night’s Sleep

When you experience issues that rob you of your ability to enjoy a full night’s rest, your daily life, and your health, can be diminished. One issue that can make people slow to realize that they have been missing out on sleep is that they do not remember any interruptions to their rest. When you… Read more »

Chronic Neck Pain May Be A Problem Your Dentist Can Solve

A chronic issue with neck pain can make it hard to feel comfortable during the day, it can distract you, and it can certainly impact your mood. If your neck pains are related to an issue with TMJ dysfunction, your problem should be brought to your dentist’s attention. People who have issues with their jaw… Read more »

Has A Teeth Grinding Habit Hurt Your Smile?

Diet choices, or a lack of consistency in daily oral care, can lead to problems that hurt your smile. What you might not realize is that one possible issue with your appearance might have to do with a teeth grinding problem. Patients who experience issues with teeth grinding, or bruxism, are placing significant pressure on… Read more »

Tracing Chronic Pain Back To TMJ Dysfunction

What would your dentist know about a problem that causes headaches, and pains in your face and neck? You might not realize it, but many common problems with chronic discomfort in these areas can be traced to issues with your jaw joints. TMJ dysfunction (often referred to as TMD, or TMJ) refers to problems with… Read more »

Why You Need To Take Nighttime Teeth Grinding Seriously

Ignoring a habit of grinding your teeth at night could lead to serious consequences for your oral health, as well as for how you look. In the short term, you may begin to accumulate signs of wear and tear on your teeth. This might make you look older, and it can make your smile appear… Read more »