Month: December 2022

A Complete Smile Renovation In 2023

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As we turn the page on the past year, it is time to write down our plans and goals for 2023. If you are struggling with a failing tooth or have recently had an extraction, this can be an exciting time. Take charge this following year in your dental destiny with a strong new dental… Read more »

Eliminate Infection With A Root Canal

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When a bacterial infection reaches the interior of a tooth, it can lead to serious pain at that location. This is a strong position for these organisms to be in, where they have the protection of your own enamel to keep them safe. Due to this, you cannot regularly brush or rinse away these colonies…. Read more »

Could Invisalign® Help You?

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A bite that does not line up properly is one of the most common dental problems in existence. When our smile connects improperly, it can lead to both medical and cosmetic concerns. For example, overuse in certain areas can lead to dental erosion, which is the loss of enamel due to strenuous wear. Overcrowding and… Read more »

Sleep In Heavenly Peace

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If you struggle with your rest, know that you are not alone. Sleep disorders are a common issue, and for many it is a minor inconvenience. However, certain forms of these conditions can cause you concerns both immediately and down the line. Pinpointing the cause of your problem can be tricky, as well, since you’re… Read more »

Our Technological Advantage

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One of the most effective ways to combat dental issues is with knowledge. This might sound reductive, but having the best information possible can mean an expansion in the ways to approach your concern. But oral health symptoms may have any possible number of causes. And simply put, visual examinations can only expose things when… Read more »