Month: November 2022

Sensitivity Emerges This Time Of Year

Cold Londonderry NH

One of the most common dental issues around this part of the calendar is tooth sensitivity. If you’re feeling your teeth a little more than you did over the summer, you’re not just imagining it. Colder winter air can expose concerns that may have stayed hidden throughout the warmer months. Well, here in New Hampshire,… Read more »

Your Smile Can Slip When Sick

Flu Londonderry NH

This can be a dangerous time of year for our health. While we gather together for the holidays, we might be getting a little too close for our safety. Our common winter viruses such as the cold and the flu start to rear their ugly head when the weather becomes a little colder. The past… Read more »

Precautions For Expecting Smiles

Pregnant Londonderry NH

Whether it is your first time being a parent or if this is a process you have been through before, there is always something new to learn about pregnancy. This is an incredibly complex biological process that people can spend their entire years studying. Moreover, we are learning more each day about the intricate ways… Read more »

Alignment Improvement At Any Age


One of the most common dental concerns is in alignment. You may take impeccable care of your teeth, yet still be looking for an improvement. Traditionally, this has been viewed as an issue that is addressed during childhood and adolescence. But alignment problems affect patients of all ages, and if you are struggling, know that… Read more »