Month: October 2022

Cosmetic Enhancement Can Be Stress-Free

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Many people have struggles with their smile, but opt to live with their situation rather than looking for help. Often, the reason that holds them back is through the hassle of scheduling and finding the time. But with the advent of new technologies, this inconvenience is much smaller than it was in the past. Alignment… Read more »

Finding The Best Replacement Solution

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If you are facing a tooth extraction, or if you have questions about the future and stability of your smile, you may be overwhelmed at the variety of options for you. Some of this decision is made for you due to the type of damage, the location, and the severity. Certain solutions work better in… Read more »

Simple Care For Diabetic Mouths

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Many Americans have either Type I or Type II diabetes. This auto-immune disease affects 29 million of our population, with the number increasing daily. If you are a diabetic, you know that it can pose problems with a large amount of different areas of the body. But even diabetic educators do not often get into… Read more »

Increased Risks For Older Smiles

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We often try to conceal the ways we are aging. But our body can only mask its age for so long, and ignoring your concerns can only lead to worse oral health outcomes. Once we reach the age of 50, our bone density begins to decrease. This tissue provides our structural support for our mouth,… Read more »