Should Your Dental Work Include Veneers Or Crowns?

When you commit to treating a problem with your smile, you can discover that there is more than one way to make cosmetic improvements. At our Londonderry, NH dentist’s office, we can work with you to ensure that the treatment you ultimately choose is the right one for your specific needs. Custom restorations can take care of teeth that are misshapen or damaged, as well as those that are discolored or the wrong size. In some cases, they can even hide spacing issues that make your smile asymmetrical. When we evaluate you, we can determine if conservative porcelain veneers are appropriate for your treatment, or if you should have dental crowns put in place to provide functional and cosmetic support.

The Right Restorations Can Make Significant Smile Changes Possible

With the right procedure, it is possible for your dentist to make significant changes to your smile. When your appearance is marred by teeth that are naturally flawed or affected by health issues, it can be hard to keep these flaws out of view. It is often possible to make corrections with porcelain veneers, thin shells that cover the front surfaces of teeth. However, when we observe issues that can affect your bite function or oral health, we can recommend that you receive treatment in the form of dental crowns that provide functional benefits along with esthetic improvements.

Using Porcelain Veneers To Correct Issues With Your Smile

Porcelain veneers let us take on an array of cosmetic concerns. Once a veneer is put in place, you can be free from concerns over a tooth that is misshapen, physically damaged, discolored, and even poorly spaced. The porcelain material used to make them is strong enough to withstand the wear and tear from biting and chewing for many years, so you can see long-term value from your choice to undergo care.

Dental Crowns Can Address Cosmetic And Oral Health Concerns

With custom dental crowns, we can take on more serious concerns with teeth that are misshapen or damaged. Because your restorations will completely cover teeth, they will be able to absorb bite pressure on their behalf. Fortunately, these restorations can be made with lifelike materials, which means they will have desirable effects for your appearance.

Talk To Your Londonderry, NH Dentist About Smile Care!

With the right approach to smile care, it is possible for you to see remarkable changes to your appearance. Our practice is happy to discuss your current concerns and look into how we can make the right improvements. Whether you choose to have veneers placed or crowns—or a different service—you can look forward to exciting and lasting results! If you would like to find out more, please reach out to our Londonderry, NH dental office at 603-965-3407.