Month: May 2022

Will A Dental Crown Change My Smile?

When there is a serious concern about the health of your tooth, or problems with its shape or size that impact how you bite and chew, it may take a dental crown to put trouble behind you. At our Londonderry, NH dentist’s office, we can provide a restoration that is capable of fitting securely and… Read more »

The Appeal Of Invisalign Treatment

If there is something you want to change about your smile, you can discuss the benefits of cosmetic dental work with your Londonderry, NH dentist. When a person’s concerns about the way they look stem from issues with poor teeth spacing, they may be reluctant to say something simply because they worry that they will… Read more »

What Should I Know About Dental Implants?

Do you have questions that you would like to ask about prosthetic dental work? Once you lose a tooth, you can certainly have a valid interest in this kind of care. Proceeding with the right treatment, one that makes you confident in your smile and oral health, will have lasting value. At our Londonderry, NH… Read more »

Effective And Convenient Care For Dental Injuries

A dental injury can send someone in search of treatment immediately due to discomfort or the severity of damage to their tooth structure. However, there are times when injuries appear less serious, as you can have nothing more than a small, but noticeable, chip or crack. There are several reasons why these issues should also… Read more »