Month: January 2022

The Cosmetic Impact Of Invisalign

With the right cosmetic dental procedure, you can resolve problems with your appearance that have left you lacking in confidence over how you look. One service we can offer at our Londonderry, NH dentist’s office is treatment with Invisalign aligners. This makes it possible for us to take on the kinds of esthetic concerns that… Read more »

Procedures That Improve Smile Color

If you feel as though you need help making your smile brighter, your first impulse may be to see what a product offered at your local grocery store or pharmacy can do for you. After trying one of these products, you can feel let down by a relative lack of results. Rather than feel as… Read more »

Implant Dentistry And Dentures

If you have to rely on a denture to regain a row of teeth, what can you really expect in terms of comfort, bite strength, and long-term support? A removable denture may become less secure over time, not due to changes to the restoration itself but to your jawbone, which will lose density over time… Read more »

How Veneers Respond To Smile Flaws

Just as people can have vastly different smiles, they can express a range of concerns about the way their teeth look. What might surprise you is that one procedure can be effective for different individuals with different goals for cosmetic treatment. Our Londonderry, NH dentist’s office is able to offer meaningful changes through the placement… Read more »

Is Invisalign Right For Your Smile?

Have you left problems with poor smile alignment untreated? People who have concerns about teeth that are not properly spaced may hold off on seeking care because they worry about life with metal braces. As an alternative, you can look at the advantages of treating this problem with Invisalign. Your Londonderry, NH dentist can evaluate… Read more »