Month: March 2021

Do Teeth Stains Make You Self-Conscious About Your Smile?

If you have grown uncomfortable with your appearance when you smile, or even when you speak, because of teeth stains, you can benefit from asking your dentist about cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening treatment provided at a dentist’s office can do more to help your smile than you might realize. If you are someone who has… Read more »

How Dental Implants Keep Dentures Secure

Your teeth do more than just give you an attractive smile – can your dentures do more than just restore your appearance after tooth loss? For those who depend on removable dentures, it can be difficult to maintain a strong, comfortable bite, particularly if their dentures are beginning to feel loose or insecure. This can… Read more »

Target Cosmetic Problems Caused By Dental Wear And Tear

How has your smile changed over the years? Even when you practice good oral hygiene on a daily basis and attend regular dental exams, you can see changes over time because of gradual wear and tear. Our teeth perform a tough job several times a day, and as time passes more biting and chewing leads… Read more »

3 Embarrassing Issues Cosmetic Dentistry Can Address

There are many reasons to desire a confident, attractive smile. The appearance of your teeth can influence how people perceive you, and your ability to show off a confident smile can have real value in social and professional settings. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to completely avoid problems that might make you self-conscious about how… Read more »